MyGirlBoobs Review

Website Overview

Now here’s a porn site dedicated to those pair of juicy, plump and squishy mammary glands. Most say that this is the first bodacious part to do your first foreplay with. I’m actually a boob guy so I’ve got no problems in making a review out of this. Most men usually look to this part first of the lady rather than the face. I love to see them inside tightly fit shirts which is a big turn on for me. Well, not just for me but to most guys I think.

MyGirlBoobs will definitely fill the hunger for boobs craving of yours with all these busty lasses on their line up. There will be a lot of action aside from bouncing boobs. Of course, there will be the usual amateur posing and striptease, blowjobs, to as hardcore as threesomes or a foursome even! With a growing number of videos and images, this porn site is something to look out for.

Site’s Qualities

So I managed to check into their member’s page and their layout’s pretty simple with fewer menus on top of the page. I don’t know if I missed this or something, but the search bar is nowhere to be found. But what I found was the tag filter so I think that would be a big help. There are also links to the free live cams and the paid live cams. They also update from time to time, I’m not sure though on how frequent it is, but it is rest assured they do.

They’ve got a lot of models that flooded the member’s page all flaunting their huge and healthy racks. As of writing, they have a generous amount of 30 movies averaging around 5 minutes of playtime and can be downloaded on an MP4 and WMV format. You can also stream videos directly to the site if you want to have a quick peek. The video quality though is quite good for most of them and with few HD videos on the side. Playbacks are also good enough with little to no lags at all. As for the images, they’ve got a handful of around 50 galleries with 50 pictures for each. You also get to have an unlimited access to all of their 30+ bonus sites of which most of them are on the boobies fetish namely MyBoobs, MyBoobsUncensored and MyBoobsEu to say the least.

Chicks & Vids

Saw a couple of videos from the site, first was a girl exchanging banters with some dude before they end their relationship. Guy’s asking for some ‘last hoorah’ before they part ways. The girl agreed and was heard saying ‘let’s get it over with’ and quickly went down the guy’s crotch and pulled out the throbbing boner of the dude. She made a good hand job with that before swallowing every inch of it. As her head went up and down from that deep throat she’s doing, she was held by the head and there are even occasions that she can be heard gagging. The guy even held her head down for several seconds. The girl then pulled down her dress exposing her round erect pair of rack and it was mashed real good by the guy. Afterwards, she can be seen squeezing the dick in between her boobies giving it a nice boob and blowjob at the same time. It went on for several minutes until the guy pulled up her skirt and stretched aside the girl’s thong and gave her moist twat some finger fucking. He inserted his middle finger at first but as the girl’s moans became louder, he stuffed an additional index finger to juice her out some more. The dude felt that the girl’s about to cum so he fingered her even faster that made the girl scream and squirted out her juice. Still shivering from all that good stuff she’s getting, the guy positioned her on a lying pose, with thighs spread wide, took aim and shoved his hard fuckstick all the way down the girl’s twat. Her eye’s widened with all that fullness that’s coming in and out of her.

The banging was quite fast making her body shook with thrust. The camera guy even made a good focus on her rimmed wuss that was already reddened. They now did a reverse cowgirl pose and the girl’s seen bouncing up and down while doing an impressive balancing act on that cranny axe. She’s seen having a bit of shivers again while riding that cock indicating that she’s about to cum again, which she did. But the dude is still on the go and made her do a doggy pose. The girl was already having a hard time staying on her knees probably of exhaustion and satisfaction she received. But instead of shoving it on her meat hole, the guy entered her rear end that made her on the verge of crying. Her ass was never used yet until that moment since her hole from there was not yet gaped open. The dude had a hard time at first but he spat on his dick and on her ass hole and slowly inched his way inside. Once all of his member was inside, he slowly banged her ass which caused her make loud moans. She can even be heard asking the guy to stuff it in and make it wide open. The dude alternately penetrated both her pussy and ass right before he jizzed it on her plump boobies.

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Bottom Line

This porn site is still new and is growing at a steady rate. There’s a lot to see on this site, with updates being frequent. There are also additional porn sites once you become a member, so that’s quite a deal already.


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  • 3 months $19.98/month

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