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Website Overview

Is there anything better than fucking a beautiful girl during her premature years? These fresh sluts will do anything and are willing to get down and be dirty. Don’t bother pondering the question since I already know the answer. If you wanted to remember those fuck experiences during your sophomore to Senior years, the porn site, MyLittlePlaything will take you back to your wildest years banging a fresh hot chick in her ass all night long. These hot chicks love to fuck and they make their statement very clear on the camera. The site is a non-stop anal action featuring fresh hot famous porn stars in the business.

Site’s Qualities

While the website claims that these hot chicks were under 19 years of age, I could tell it from here that some chicks are already in their 20s. While the website claims aren’t entirely authentic, I could say that they are being honest about featuring non-stop anal sex scenes. But, the good side of it, most of the fresh hot chicks are looking gorgeous and their body is hot as hell. See them with their girly uniforms and ponytails as they scream, moan and squeal for ass fuck pleasure. As of today there are 30 videos and they are all exclusive. You can watch them on streaming and download in MP4 and Flash formats. Keep in mind that the MP4 formats allow you to enjoy great high quality playback. While on the other hand, the flash player is quicker when it comes to streaming and downloading. The videos are presented in thumbnails including the names of the fresh girls, the name of the dude and the time frame of the videos. Most videos will last from 24 to 30 minutes. Some of the scenes will begin with an interview, the chicks will be asked some questions about themselves, their age and hobbies. You will hear an audible voice in the background asking the chicks if they do mind to be fucked in their asses. Obviously, they do not mind at all. In fact, they love it! I’m grateful to announce that the site includes a big screen teaser. But, I’m warning you to brace yourself because after watching the teaser, your idea of anal sex will never be the same. It is your one way ticket fulfilling your pornographic pleasure. What’s so good about the teaser video is that they include sound and visual effects. The videos are solid hardcore anal sex scenes. Most of these movies will get into the action quickly. Often you will see fresh chicks stripping, jerking off and touching herself. But once the dude comes in with his hard white dick, the real anal action begins. The graphic interface is easy I can explore more about the site, thanks to the navigation bar. The site is fully responsive that allows me to access the site using my mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet. As for the design, I would say that MyLittlePlaything is simple and straightforward. There are no fusses and no ads included. Joining in the online community will grant you access 35+ bonus sites from PUBA network. These bonus sites feature the official sites of the best porn stars in the adult filming industry. Moreover, you can get your daily updates through email, live porn star streaming, and fast streaming or downloading,

Chicks & Vids

The first thing I noticed is that the videos aren’t dated. However, if you are going to check the upcoming scene, you can see two videos. These videos are dated and suggested by the site which you can download them. Aside from anal sex, there are also some soft-core to hardcore action such as blowjobs, and boob jobs. The videos also include threesome, groupies and masturbation. There are no huge and enormous black dicks that will penetrate to their asses. Only the white, long and reddish dicks will pound their as which makes it more sensual rather than hardcore. The videos feature famous porn stars such as Kylee Reese. Lots of porn fans know her because of her unique body features, gorgeously beautiful that is just under 5’2” in height. She started her journey becoming a porn star as a stripper in Carson City. Eventually, she was discovered by renowned adult filmmakers and offer a once in a lifetime opportunity. She moved to Los Angeles, California and performs her very first explicit video together with her boyfriend. She appeared in many X rated films such as the Penthouse, Lethal Hardcore and Hustler. With her colorful career in the business, she truly deserved to be featured at MyLittlePlaything. Another famous star included on the site is Tracy Lyon. She has a nice ass, pinkish shaved pussy and mid-sized boobies. She will be fucked by a dude named Timur from behind. What’s really great about the scene is the fact that it has a good lighting, effects and quality. In fact, I can almost sniff her ass hole from here. There will be lots of action as the dude will fuck her ass and make her scream and squeal. I can tell that she really loves what Timur is doing to her ass. The dude will lick her pussy, kiss and sniff her ass and penetrate his veiny reddish cock in her ass.

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Bottom Line

Even though that you can count the videos from your fingers, I can say that the MyLittlePlaything membership price is reasonable because of so many perks included. Aside from that, all the videos are in full HD. Yes, you can find similar materials featuring ass fuck scenes, but the MyLittlePlaything includes the famous porn stars in the business. You won’t regret becoming a member and the site will keep you your eyes and dick busy in the long run. For dudes out there who wants to see soft-core to hardcore ass fuck scenes featuring fresh hot chicks, the MyLittlePlaything proves its value.


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