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Website Overview

MyPickupGirls comprises volcanic-hot chicks from Russia. Normally, they are hand-picked and lured to engage in erotic sex in social spots like outdoors or even in a vehicle. The platform is about wins or different Russian fellows with a snapper and a goal. Together with the pickup realism theme, the public or rather outdoor sex genre also deserves a bow in this anthology. Let us delve in to details regarding this porn portal.

Site’s Qualities

The designers here deserve a round of applause for their impeccable work. The site design looks amazing and simple. I was awed the instant I browsed the platform on my PC. The color schemes are breath taking and they are easy on the eyes and the brain as well. Navigation is not a problem. I managed to maneuver my way across the site very fast and it felt very responsive. On clicking any link or tab, the respective web page opened up pretty fast. Besides the site looking attractive, there are numerous features you can use to browse through the smut. I could jump through pages, pick the page I want to view, and even jump to the very last page. Quite thrilling, huh? The movies are available for download or even stream using Flash, and they are top quality videos. Also, you can take you Pickup bitch on the move with the iPhone/iPod attuned download.

Chicks & Vids

Do you ever come across platform, which you automatically know are hailing from Eastern Europe before a girls even utters a phrase? MyPickupGirls is another reality grounded adult platform to come thundering out of the former Soviet Union. The action on MyPickupGirls mainly comprises of dudes wandering back roads, country lanes, and alleyways for horny sluts looking forward to getting a lift. These bitches adore nothing more than a nice traditional fuck outdoors and they do not care how many folks see them sucking and fucking. Several scenes also occur in a restaurant bathroom, so they are not very public. The fuck scenes begins with length talk and the like. Good thing is that you can skip of forward to the erotic stuff. However, if are an aficionado of reality tapes with all their setups and chatting then relax and feast your eyes on the grime. Some of the videos will reach the sex part quite fast and others will drag to more than ten minutes before you even see a breast. The dudes have to sweet-talk the chick and persuade them to accompany them to wherever they will be banging. When we talk of public sex, it does not imply that you will be seeing random folks walking around. The sex is taking place is outdoor spaces, which were at least semi-private. I did find that the entertainers spoke in Russian, however it is fair enough to assert that all the tapes come with English subtitles. There are a lot of download alternatives here, with around five quality choices offered in each one. Many of the videos I sample were in MPEG format and virtually each film come with at best a 720p alternative or the Full HD of 1080p, too. Who does not love extras? MyPickupGirls offers access to more the 5 platforms and I think this is a plus, definitely. With the look of things, fresh content is coming in bi-weekly. I highly endorse this platform.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, the scenes in here are highly amusing and of top quality as well. The Russian chaps are trying their best to bring out the street-pickup theme seamlessly. You will also be impressed to see the films coming in high definition and the newer Full HD tapes. Consider joining My Pickup Girls today!


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