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Website Overview

Bringing intimacy into the bedroom can do wonders for your sexual experience overall. One of the best ways to become more intimate with the woman you are going to fuck is by giving her a massage or by having her give you a massage. This will allow both of you to get comfortable with each other’s bodies, thus enabling a very relaxed state of mind when you being your lovemaking session with your partner. When massages are brought into porn, the ensuing porn experience is one that can satisfy you a great deal.

What makes NuruMassage a great site to subscribe to is that the porn is diverse, has massage as the central theme and caters to a diverse range of audiences. As a lover of lesbian or straight porn, you have something to suit your porn palate. The sexy and gentle intimacy that you see in the porn sites is sufficient to get you into a mood to jerk-off intensely. The site is very different from the standard porn fare that you have been watching for a while now.

But, before you subscribe to this site, isn’t it a good idea to know about this site as much as possible? This review gives you a critical analysis of NuruMassage, covering the design & features and the girls & videos. The design & features covers the color scheme, the number of videos, the nature of videos, affordability and other aspects. The girls & videos covers the nature of videos, girls and a description of a video, concluding with how good the porn is.

Site’s Qualities

Watch the home page, and you will get an idea of the quality of NuruMassage. The colour scheme is beautiful, and this is still and understatement. The black and cyan colour scheme manages to calm you down, providing you with the soothing ambience of a massage parlour. This aesthetic appeal is difficult to give a miss. This scheme is so subtle that you forget the background and focus only on the videos that are provided in HD quality for you.

The thumbnails stand out prominently against this background, providing you a glimpse of the porn videos that the site promises. The thumbnails are arranged in a lovely array of 8×3 videos (making 24 such videos per page). There are 17 pages with 24 videos each, making 408 videos, and the last page has 6 videos. So, the total is 414 videos for you to enjoy.

The site has a simple design, with tabs to videos, pictures, girls and partner sites shown very prominently in white text at the top of the site. Above the tabs, the header has a slideshow of the partner sites that you can enjoy. Towards the right side of the tab section, you will find a bright yellow box Join Now. This is quite prominent and it will be difficult for you to miss this out.

An innovative feature that this site features is “Submit A Fantasy.” The feature works like this. As a valued member of this site, you will have the option of sharing your fantasy with the site. Various such fantasies are then shared with the user forum and the one that receives the maximum votes will see the light of the day, in the form of a video produced by the site. The presence of this feature is sufficient for me to subscribe to this site so that I can submit as many fantasy ideas as possible. When a site that encourages user involvement, it makes the site a must-have in your list of subscribed sites.

Chicks & Vids

NuruMassage is all about having a slut massage a hunk in a massage parlour, though there is the option of reverse NuruMassage, where a stud massages a sexy bitch. Lesbian NuruMassage is a more common massage video, while gay NuruMassage is a rarer form of massage porn. In all massage porn videos, the theme is familiar with an aromatic oil used for massaging the stud in a parlour. An alternative setting would be when the guy invites the masseuse to his home to give him a massage.

Whatever is the location, the massaging of the stud’s body and the ensuing stroking of his dick will set you into mood to jerk your dick. The incredible diversity of porn and sluts has no match. The diversity of girls is a treat to watch. You will find Latinas, blondes and redheads, sluts with big breasts, slender boobs, slim waists, perfect asses, hairy pussies, shaven pussies, amateur chicks, MILFs and many others. The hunks, well, are studs who have the most amazing bodies you can come across.

Nuru massage is a form of massage that is done by rubbing well-oiled bodies, after an erotic session under the shower. The masseuse loves to lather the dick and give a blowjob, followed by using her body to massage Nuru oil on the guy. There are threesomes, and a couple of foursomes also, involving two sluts and hunks at the same time.

Let me describe a Reverse Nuru Massage for you. Reverse Nuru involves a slut getting massaged by hot stud. This video involves Bliss, Jewels Jade and Will Powers. Bliss is waiting for her client (Jewels Jade), who happens to have a nasty attitude. Bliss is put off by Jade’s attitude and requests Will to massage her. Will, being a maintenance man, has no idea, but Bliss convinces him to do it, with the condition that he must strip. Will is surprised, but the thought of stripping and massaging Jewels’ naked body makes him agree. After giving Jewels a hot shower, where Will plays with her nipples and cunt, he goes on to apply Nuru oil on her. Using his dick, he massages her asshole, while uses his body to massage her back. Turning around, he massages her wet cunt with his dick, while his body massages her breasts and navel. Too sexy to watch! Then, he fucks her hard, with each thrust bringing out love screams from Jewel’s heart; fucking crazily, they cum hard, and Jewels loves the taste of hot cum inside her mouth.

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Bottom Line

Subscribing to this site is going to be a real treat. The quality of this site is incredibly high and subscription affordable. Long-term subscription gives you considerable discounts, allowing you to save a significant amount of money. The site is truly a value-for-money site, offering great intimate sex scenes for your jerk-off experience. Hurry up, go back to the top of this site and click on Join Now.


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