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Website Overview

Do you know what’s the best thing when watching porn? It’s getting the feeling like you’re actually watching a girl getting fucked in front of you very eyes. But that’s just the thing, not all porn out there gives you that feeling because the quality too low! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a website with high quality. But I guess I’ve finally found it. The site’s called PassionHD. Now this site is something to brag about with your friends because it produces its own films, and uses its own Super HD cameras and hires their own porn models, unlike other porn sites I’ve known that just copies porn from others, but not this one.

Everything here is hot, sexy, beautiful and exclusive for members only. Also, I’m proud to tell you that the amazing Dillion Harper is an official client in this site, and yes, she has regular sessions and videos coming up every once in a while, and all of them are freaking awesome! I don’t know how she does it, you know. She’s just amazing with the way she handles her eyes, her tongue and her hands. That body of her is so perfect. But don’t think that Dillion Harper is the only Show stealer here. There are other models that were handpicked as well, oh, I meant, all the models are handpicked! So I’m pretty sure you’ll be interested with this site.

Site’s Qualities

So if you’re wondering just how clear and crisp the videos are, take a look at that sexy woman getting fucked by that guy. That girl is so beautiful and hot; her eyes are like the freaking stars’ man! But what’s really amazing is, if you notice the quality of this cover pic, this is actually close to the 4k resolution, and believe it or not. This is already a close representation to the actual video quality, and the video is even better! But dude, just look at her laughs, she’s fucking beautiful. Well, we’ve got to move on now. The website has this cool color scheme of pure black around the website, and if you go down a bit, here we have the most popular uploads of this week. But it also includes all the newest upload for the week of course, just arranged in the most popular manner, and I find that really useful because we also want to see who’s the new girl on the block, and it saves us the hassle of having to find it back at the videos page.

Now if I were to mention some really amazing popular uploads, I’d say it would be Meditating Beauty, Lobby Love, Plumber Pounds Dillion, Sweet Candy, Well Groomed, Sharing is Caring, Morning Rush, Skinny Dipping, Scared Stiff, Deep Throat Weekend, and The Girl Next Door. These personally handpicked videos of mine are gonna give you quite a good time! Now, why don’t we start talking about the major pages in this site. First, we have the Scenes page. In this page, all the archived content is stored here. So if you just wanna storm right in and search for a good porn video yourself, then this is the place to be. Next up we got, top rated. Videos. Not only the ones that were from uploaded, but the top rated of all time, and I’m sure you’re gonna love this. The top rated videos here in Passionhd are mostly POV. Well, I have to admit. POV porn may just be the best camera angle of all time, no wonder it took the spot in top rated. Next up is the Girl’s page. You should totally check this page out my friends. This page is just filled with super-hot girls that would totally make your night! Their poses in the pictures shows the character they depict, some are the shy-type, others are the wild-types, and there’s also the mature working types, and you just don’t know what to pick! I also like the flash animation they did in the Girl’s page. Really nice work right there. Now if we’re going to talk about the unique features, I’d say it’s not that unique, but actually it’s a more improved version. The upload frequency is 3-5 uploads per week. Now that’s a lot considering the amount of videos in this site, of which we’ll be discussing about later, and there is a smooth customer support 24/7 just waiting for you.

Chicks & Vids

In this site, the girls are just so damn hot and pretty, that I’d bet it’ll take more time for you in choosing than in watching their videos instead. Trust me, that’s based on experience and surveys because all the girls have such unique qualities and their skin quality and color is just perfect for them. Some of the most famous girls by the way are Skye West, Blake Eden, Delilah Blue, Brooke Myers, Lea Guerlin, Sophia Grace, Lyn Hoyt, Elisas Jean, and Holly Hendrix. So if you’re looking for a good starting girl, I’d suggest you pick from the bunch I’ve suggested, but don’t be confused, every girl in this site has their own styles and qualities, these are just the ones that suit my preferences, and as for the videos, good news gentlemen, it’s all unlimited for downloading and streaming and the formats you can download them in are compatible to HD, SD, MPEG, WMV, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android.

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Bottom Line

PassionHD has mastered a lot of camera angles and quality optimization, and that brings them higher in the ranks because of the presentation of these hot girls, because the girls’ talents would be all for naught if the camera quality and production is poor. PassionHD perfectly combined the two elements and thus produced a hot, sizzling, and hardcore porn that follows the eyes of the members themselves! I’m easily giving this a perfect 100! Highly recommendable to everyone!


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  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.79/month
  • 1 year $9.95/month

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