PetiteBallerinasFucked Review

Website Overview

The dreams some people have, of getting in bed with some really hot, incredibly good looking girls, are just that, dreams, but nowadays, with the internet being so full of great content, that becomes slightly more possible. The site’s name is PetiteBallerinasFucked and it is probably the best site out there, so you should definitely give it a look, as you will see ballerinas get their pussies and asses destroyed by all the steamy sex that the guys will provide them with. With surprises, too, it becomes even better, by each second spent on it.

Site’s Qualities

Right from the start, I knew that this was the real deal, the site that I always wanted, and with a good reason, too. The home page has an incredibly attractive design, which you can see right from that first glance. The page is done in a seemingly simple way, with a gray background, and a giant sliding image at the top of the page. That image shows you the content, or some of it, and the other sites in the network. What is even better, with the home page having many previews, below the sliding image, you get to see even more action before joining, and you get to see the options that you would be able to utilize with a membership. Sorting options, like date, number of views, duration, popularity, and the presence of a search bar, all make for a better browsing experience. Speaking of browsing, you cannot do a thing on a site if you have lag, so, having none is great, as it opens up many other options when it comes to browsing. With great optimization for the mobile devices, too, you will never get to see any lag, and will just be able to take your porn wherever you go.

Chicks & Vids

With the girls being so good looking, it is just a matter of time before you have your orgasms, and that is just by looking at their hot bodies. Now, if you add their passion and the lust for sex, the kinky play becomes even kinkier, and the orgasms become nigh inevitable. They do indeed love their foreplay, so teasing the instructors with their flexible legs is a good of an introduction as any, especially since most of the videos end up being long sessions of fucking, so getting to see just how it all started is not just nice, but also very arousing. I had many orgasm just by looking at the girls seduce their instructors, and not just suck their dicks. Oh, they also do that, and much more, as they do not shy away from either sheer fucking, like that in the ass, or in the pussy, and from threesomes or foursomes. They usually suck out all the cum out of a dude’s dick, to the point where he is just more than grateful. The site’s full HD resolution of the videos brings the details to life, and the frequent updates keep you on your toes, always waiting for more juicy porn. With more than 7 sites to explore, which come with the membership, you gain access to quite a pack of sites, with different content and frequent updates too. With all of the content being available for downloading, and not just for streaming, you get quite the deal.

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Bottom Line

PetiteBallerinasFucked is a site where girls get their pussies and asses ravaged by guys who are more than happy to oblige. In return, they suck their dicks out and get all of that cum, and you get to watch and download great porn, from not just this one site, but from all 8 of them.


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  • 4 months $21.25/month
  • 1 year $16.58/month

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