PetiteTeens18 Review

Website Overview

PetiteTeens18 is one of the top quality HD fresh girls porn website that features amateur girls who are giving their first time sexual experience to their partner in front of the camera. Although they are amateurs, you can say that they are the sexiest and the most lustful girls in the AV industry. Their hot scenes will leave you breathless in no time!

Site’s Qualities

Dating back to 2015, PetiteTeens18 has made a brand for itself in the fresh girls and amateur niche. It is under Paper Street Media, LLC and is a sister website of 39 porn websites belonging to the same company. Despite being around for only a short period of time compared to its competitors, the PetiteTeens18 porn website has already amassed a good number of following and it is all thanks to the good things that this porn website has to offer to its members.

Let’s start by noting the website design and layout. For starters, the website design is very much modern in comparison to the older porn websites. It has been made simple and there is much emphasis on the functionality of the site. The navigation tools are made so that anyone who visit the site will find it very convenient. The erotic scenes that were used as a banner for the site are all ones that can immediately turn you on. If you love porn, then the banner of the site will surely appeal to you. It is also good to note that the PetiteTeens18 porn website is designed so that it can be mobile-friendly. More and more people access porn websites through their mobile phones so a mobile-friendly website is certainly more appealing.

The next thing that you will surely want to check out is the video section. This is the section where you can check what kind of videos are available to you. The video collection is overwhelming so you will find the extra sorting feature to be extremely helpful. Checking it out, each video will usually contain the ratings, number of views, and its length. By knowing these information before you click on the play button, you know what to expect beforehand. Since there is a rating for the video, that means that you can rate it on your own too.

The length considerably varies. You should be able to find videos that are as long as one hour and ones that are as short as ten minutes. The videos can be both streamed and downloaded. If you stream it, then you don’t have to worry about being redirected to another site because PetiteTeens18 already has an in-browser flash player. The video for streaming is available in the 1920×1080 resolution. If you plan to download it, then you should be able to do so in the video’s MP4 format. There shouldn’t be a download limit that will hinder you from saving your favorite video into your storage device. It isn’t just the videos that will give you happiness.

The photo collection is also one of the prides of PetiteTeens18. The PetiteTeens18 porn website is well know for its high quality pictures. Moreover, the collection is already overwhelming. It has already reached to as many as 3000 pictures all in all. Technically, these 7000 photos are spread out to 28 photo sets, with each photo set having more or less 110 photos each. If you want to, you should be able to download the pictures in a single zip folder. Once you download the pictures, then you should be able to view them through your device anytime you want and anywhere you are.

With your membership to PetiteTeens18, you should be able to enjoy the bonus access to the 29 sites that are under the same network. Of course, just like with PetiteTeens18, the videos that are collected in these 29 sites are all exclusive ones. Having free access to these websites is certainly worth the money. Some examples of the porn website that you should be able to access when you have a membership to PetiteTeens18 include Dyked, POV Life, Titty Attack, and many others.

Chicks & Vids

It is amazing how cute the fresh girls are here in the PetiteTeens18 porn website. All of them are quite attractive with their adorable eyes and charming appeal. You will be interested in them just by watching their physical appearance from their video thumbnails or their model profile. That interest will then intensify when you see how they tumble in bed with their male partners. The girls are okay with doing hardcore perverted scenes, even when it seems as if that this is the first time they are experiencing something sexual in nature. Their curiosity wins over their nervousness, eventually allowing them to learn more about the pleasure of sex. The girls are usually westerners. Specifically, they are Europeans who are fresh faces in the AV industry. They have slender bodies with full A-cup breasts. It will be difficult for you to take your eyes off them once you see them in front of the camera, even more so when they are butt naked and anticipating when they get piped by their partner in bed.

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Bottom Line

When you want to see fresh faces in the AV industry, someone who is yet to become too used to sex, then there is nowhere else that you should go but here in PetiteTeens18. The said site, which is supported by Paper Street Media LLC, is a very glamorous site that really values user experience. The quality of the content, of the videos, girls, and photos that are made available to you here in the site, is quite stellar. The volume of porn content you can watch not only here in PetiteTeens18 but in its bonus site too will surely make it worth the money you use on the membership. It is certainly interesting to spend your time here in PetiteTeens18.


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  • 1 year $7.98/month

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