PissJapanTv Review

Website Overview

PissJapanTV is a dynamic porn site that features gorgeous Japanese girls taking a leak in a wide range of places including public parks, behind walls, cars or even in the wild. The spy cams are strategically planted to capture the most private of scenes. The videos are clearly top notch; given that they are products of spycam content.

Site’s Qualities

PissJapanTV is wrapped in a grey and white background décor. You will love the classy and relaxed feeling that creeps up your system at the sight of this spectacularly designed, decorated and laid out a platform. There is a clear and clever thought that has been given t the presentation of the content on this platform. The home page invited me to a host of browsing tools including the option of watching the videos by the latest update.

Users are provided with a list of categories that allows you to quickly settle for an activity that will tease you to the brink within the shortest time possible. I could also begin my entertainment sessions by simply clicking on any of the tagged images spread all over the place. There is a drop down menu on the home page. You are treated to several alternatives for accessing content that you need to be decisive e lest you end up signing for more than your budget can handle.

Users can stream and download content as much as they wish. All the videos I watched on PissJapanTV come in full HD despite the fact that they have been captured with spy cams. These are usually very brief, usually unrecognisable devices under normal circumstances. Generally, one cannot possibly fault PissJapanTV for navigation or browsing options. Users can also view rate and post comments about the content they watch on Piss Japan TV.

Chicks & Vids

You are treated to a wide range of videos that feature the girls taking a leak in a variety of both indoor and outdoor locations. The cuties have no bounds as they engage in all manner of naughty acts. Some girls can be seen squatting and taking a leak right in the middle of a public place. Other videos show you the girls helping each other to take a pee. Some of the girls only need to move behind a car to release their golden showers. Other daring stunts include a scene in which the girls squat in the middle of a public street and take a long slow leak that gets you drooling and craving for a share of the pie.

Although the content on this platform was meant to be purely softcore, it possibly leads to a lot of hardcore action beyond the screen. There are over 151 videos to check out on PissJapanTV. Users may also decide to explore the content on the two bonus platform provided. I liked the content on Sex Japan TV and Voyeur Japan. The videos on PissJapanTV are great sots that compete favourably with any normal camera shots. The spy cams do a good job at catching the girls in the most vulnerable and sexually exciting positions.

I loved to see the hairy crotches, the squirting girls with sumptuous yellow thighs, the big bums captured while the cuties are taking a leak in the toilet. The videos are presented in a range of formats including WMV, MP4 and Flash Player. There are over 151 videos on the platform. Each of them plays for an average of 7 minutes. There are 141 galleries for still photo fans.

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Bottom Line

PissJapanTV is a pissing fetish that features the hottest Japanese girls taking a leak. There are many user tools to make your visit memorable. The videos are amazingly clear and great quality, despite the use of spy cams.


  • 1 month $24.96
  • 3 months $19.96/month
  • 1 year $9.99/month

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