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Website Overview

Fat girls are often set apart from the other girls. They are not as sexy or pretty, these are things you often hear about fat girls. These things are simply not true, fat girls can be as sexy, beautiful and horny as any slim girl around. If you like fat girls and you like porn, then, I have the perfect site for you. Welcome to Plumperd, a new porn network that will give you all the BBW you want and more.

Site’s Qualities

Plumperd is a network site; this means that inside are other sites that navigate the internet under the Plumperd flag. There are exactly 4 sites that will be available to you, once you get your Plumperd membership. Those sites are, BBWSandwich, BBWFightclud, Fatsitting and Fatmams. These are 4 sites for the price of one. That sounds awesome, does it not?

If you think that navigating through these sites by using just one website, could be chaotic or slow, fear not. The designers and developers at Plumperd have come up with a very simple, powerful and fast interface that will allow you to surf the sites with ease. You will be going in and out of the sites without even noticing the loading times, and thanks to a very smooth and consistent look in the design, you will never find yourself lost at where the menus are and how to recognize them.

So, the site is stable and functional, what else does it offer? Plumperd includes a set of tools and features that make the site more fun and exciting. Some of those features are: The inclusion of a very practical, download manager. This piece of software will help you to download all those videos and pictures you want, directly to your PC. The thing is that you will not have to be in front of the computer to start each download. The manager will do it for you. It will save you time and lots of patience. You will spend more time watching and less time waiting.

There are live cams, where you will meet hot BBW that you can fall in love with. It is a feature you cannot miss. There are also forums where you will be able to exchange comments and recommendations with other members and establish relationships with them. You can also rate and comment each of the videos. There is also a great search engine that will let you look for that perfect video you want to watch. The site is also compatible with all sorts of mobile devices.

Chicks & Vids

All the 4 sites that are being offered with the Plumperd membership are full of hardworking fat girls, with big asses and big tits and huge bodies. These girls are the heavy weight and they are horny as hell. You will not find slim girls in here. Most models are white, but you can find some ethnic flavor here and there.

All the videos are available in HD. We are talking about Full HD 1080p, the best resolution on the market. All videos can be downloaded in the form of an MP4 video file. You can also stream the videos in your browser using a fabulous and responsive media player. Each video has an average running time of 20 minutes, and there are more than 48 videos for each site. That is a lot of content. Download and streaming speeds are quite fast. It is great. You can pay for 1 month, 6 months or the full year membership. They are all worthy and the prices are affordable.

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Bottom Line

Plumperd is a very special site for all of those who love these very special girls. You will find hardcore BBW action of incredible quality at magnificent prices. Do not miss this deal. Join now.


  • 1 month $9.95
  • 6 months $14.95/month
  • 1 year $9.95/month

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