PornstarsAnalyzed Review

Website Overview

PornstarsAnalyzed is the perfect place to see hardcore anal scenes and not only that. If ass to mouth or rim jobs are words familiar to you, get ready to have some fun. With beautiful  girls  that know how to ride the cock, you will surely enjoy the time spent on it.

Site’s Qualities

When you first step on PornstarsAnalyzed website you get instantly pushed into the action. The design is really impulsive. You get a slide show with pictures from the type of scenes that the site features. And if you scroll down on the opening page you will see teasers for recently launched videos and Pornstars that play in them. Overall the design looks good, personally, I enjoyed the fact that all details are clean and simple. I got the sensation that wherever I looked there was only porn and that is what I like at such a site.

The navigation through the site is pleasant and you can find what you are looking for by applying filters or selection options.  The colors used are combined naturally and don’t disturb you. The site structure is good when it comes to its page, each one being user-friendly and with no complicated process involved. When it comes to navigating the site from your mobile device you can do it. I tried it and I haven’t really encountered any problems with it. After a few uses, it surely becomes very simple and you can find your way through it.

Chicks & Vids

The pornstars featured on the site are professionals at what they do. If you prefer certain ethnicity or body types you should know that Pornstars Analyzed has to offer scenes that feature Latinas, Blacks and much more. There are curvy girls with an ass to die for or hourly glass body type girls that you would want to fuck each time you see them. The age group is between 19 to 35 years old but that doesn’t mean that experience only comes with age. All the girls know what they are doing and they fuck like pros. Believe me, you will really turn on once you start seeing any of the scenes.

Videos are done in professional studios and are filmed with high-quality equipment. The average video lengths are at around 30 minutes but you do get scenes that last only 10 minutes and some reach even 50 minutes. The videos are filmed in full HD and the format used is MP4.  The number of scenes is at around a few hundreds so there is plenty of pumping on the material. You just need to be ready to have some fun, because there will be exciting times while you are on the site. The image gallery is also available and you get a sense of what is about to get on in the scene. But if you really want to see the entire image gallery you do need to become a member. And to become a member there is also something cool that PornstarsAnalyzed offers. For a limited time, there is available a free trial, so you can basically test the experience before committing to it.  And if that is not enough as a bonus you also get full access to other sites that feature the same area of porn.

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Bottom Line

PornstarsAnalyzed offers a hardcore experience when it comes to anal porn scenes. And you can really see and enjoy yourself with hot and stunning girls. Turn your cock on and enjoy the rough and nasty moments that this site has to offer for you.


  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $7.45/month

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