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Website Overview

Anytime a group of girls goes for a much-needed vacation, they seem to relax, let loose and have fun. Even your uptight friend would probably be the life of the party if you took her to a special destination. Although I have been on a vacation a couple of times, I did not feel the need to ‘play’ with other guests, therefore, I was not PornTraveling. PornTraveling is an amazing hardcore site that features content of general porn genre. The site is focused on showcasing the travel diaries of beautiful girls on vacation who constantly enjoy loads of sex. While this may not be your typical vacation, the combination of incredible destinations with hot girls is a true recipe for sexual enjoyment. There is so much to love about the site and just like me, you will grow fond of the collection in no time. The girls go on a trip for about four or more days. Therefore, you can expect long hours of footage.

The site does not get down to the pervier details immediately, most of the scenes start off with sightseeing and playing on the beach among other activities. When you see the performers enjoying the locale, you may doubt the site’s ability to deliver the best hardcore porn. However, you will be delightfully surprised with what the site has in store for you. PornTraveling is better than your last Mardi Gras vacation because it brings together Russians and European hotties. Other than that, the models actually go to vacation far away places. PornTraveling is not a mediocre site that promises to travel the world and then ends up shooting the footage in a suburban neighborhood. The site respects its members so much to ensure that it stays true to its word. Get ready to take trips to all corners of the world. If you have never been to Turkey or Thailand before, the site will ensure that you arrive at those destinations safely and soundly.

Currently, PornTraveling has a collection of 46+ movie scenes and a number of galleries. The enjoyable traveling concept is very refreshing especially since we are so used to the ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ kind of porn action, so much so that being part of newer scenes is such a delight. The scenes are like a full movie, from start to finish. They capture all traveling concepts and make sure to answer all the unanswered questions that you may have. For approximately 75 minutes, you will be in a world that is only best known to the performers and producers of this site. The flicks are long enough to ensure that you give what you truly come for. The movies can be downloaded in a variety of formats such as AVI, MP4, and Flash Format.

The site is under the SeriousPartnersNetwork and you can tell that it is serious about a whole lot. With membership comes bonus access to five other sites under the same network. Apart from the 46+ scenes that are readily available, you will be able to enjoy much more. PornTraveling is certainly the real deal.

Site’s Qualities

PornTraveling has an interesting members’ area. It is filled with advertisements and a lot of upsells for you to browse and find out what is on offer. Do not worry, this will not hinder your tour moments, in fact, you can bypass the adverts by clicking on ‘view all our videos’ as this is where the real fun begins. You will notice that the content is exceptional as well as exclusive. The video section is most definitely loaded with action that does not easily disappoint. The videos are slow but sure. They cover all travel aspects and then finally crown it all with an amazing sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the site has no clips and all the movies have to be downloaded as full-length scenes. Thankfully, they come in excellent, top-notch quality. Apart from high and standard defection downloads, flash streaming is also a reliable way of accessing the action.

Chicks & Vids

Let’s get one thing straight, these models are the hottest that you will find on any other adult platform. They are confident, exotic, and sexy and they know that they can drive you insane, and so they do it. They travel to all corners of the world and make sure to leave their stamp of orgasmic approval anywhere they are situated. As they are on vacation, you will be able to see them in their element, enjoying everything that the sun and the fun have to offer. As liberalists, they are able to suck cock, film themselves while having hardcore sex, get their assholes jackhammered and do every other nasty thing in the book. They do not only entertain with girl/guy action, there are plenty of group scenes and lesbian encounters in the same token. The sex is long enough and simply enjoyable. I could not ask for more.

The scenes showcase them going about their daily business and this casual part of the site is really refreshing, they let your anticipation build up and then they give you what you truly desire. This is definitely a rampant case of the lady in the streets and freak in the sheets. For some reason, I cannot be able to forget the scene ‘Beach Porn with fuck in the water’. The action takes place right in the beaches of Thailand. The couple is enjoying a stroll on the beach when they decide to go for a swim. Without any level of control, they fuck in the water. I must say, this is the hottest scene I have ever seen. They finish off the encounter with a doggy style fuck by the rocks. The flick certainly gave me the sexual high that I needed.

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Bottom Line

PornTraveling is not your everyday site. It is fun and kink combined together in the most tasteful way. You will not only fall in love with the concept but also the captivating action. You can never go wrong on this site. Sign up and join the performers on all their trips. The only difference is that you will be traveling VIP style.


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