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Having a good fuck and recording it brings the best of bliss; it’s simply heaven. And with the advent of newer, simpler, and more advanced gadgets ranging from spy pen to smartphones to camcorders, to tablets, and cute cameras of all brands and makes, capturing the great moments of erotic and hardcore sex has just gotten even better. POVThis is the number one, best rated, and most unique site in the world fully dedicated to the showcasing of the greatest POV sex videos ever recorded. The cameras record the spontaneous squirts, the earthshaking climaxes and cumshots, and the best cock sucking experiences. This is the home of the erotic, the romantic, and the best of hardcore. So far it was recorded by a participant in the show, you would find it here on POVThis. That’s a guarantee! The best thing about POVThis is that you get to see cool and awesome videos in crisp and clear formats; this is due to the closeness of the lenses to the point of action. With just a few inches away from the huge cocks, just a few distance away from the squirts and cumshots, you would be sure to see the freckles, speckles, and spots on their faces, cocks, pussies, and assholes. Every detail, every feature, and every aspect are seen in pure vividness. It’s the perfect way to watch hardcore porn. These shots would make you desire more hardcore fucking because of their close proximity to the show; that means there is no need to squint or pause or guess; every of the penetrations, every of the thumping, and every of the ejaculations can be seen closely. It’s such a fantastic way of recording the awesomeness that sex presents. And it really does not matter whether it’s a professional porn guy and chick in the shows or some amateur homemade video, the result is always the same – brilliant and awesome views. With this positioning of the recorder, you would get to see the best of blondes getting their mouths hard fucked; brunettes getting cute super wet cunts banged; ebonies getting their fat ass thumped; MILFs getting their huge boobs fucked; and fresh chicks getting their assholes pumped with monster cocks that would leave them with massive gapes in the end. Indeed, POVThis has revolutionized how we are going to be viewing porn from now on. No more multi camera angles and confusing editing, no more panning and drawing in and out of the lens, just one angle, one controller, and breathtaking sex like never seen before. POVThis has raised the bar and taken hardcore adult entertainment to the very next level. And it confirms the saying that chicks should keep their eyes on the lens while sucking the ‘banana.’ True; these girls are always on point here. They always ensure to look at the camera while giving the best of head jobs, hand jobs and blowjobs. This site is in a world of its own – presenting exclusive and 100% authentic videos for the viewers’ delight. It’s a nonstop showing off the very best of close contact sex shows which brings the users right into the banging action – just as if one is there live. No matter the device used to record it, no matter the make, and no matter the size; in so far it is from a point of view angle, so far it is recorded by the sex freak getting sucked and fucked, you would find it here. No doubt, this is the most beautiful way of seeing and enjoying hardcore porn. POVThis is indeed a delight to be a part of – presenting tons upon tons of the best and most authentic of cumshots, the most erotic blowjobs, and the most mesmerizing squirts and cumshots all captured from the closest range possible.

Site’s Qualities

POVThis is a great success story as far as hardcore adult entertainment recording and online presentation are concerned. Everything about the site is simple to use and enjoy. Even as large as the archive is, there is always one button or the other strategically located on the pages to guide you around. That’s genius. The archive is so large, users cannot even contemplate finishing all the great stuff lined up. This is because there is always constant additions and updates of new banging sex stuff weekly, to make the site truly fresh and captivating. Even at that, there are still well over 371 amazing full length videos, 117 of the baddest DVDs ever created, as many as 274 individual and hot porn stars, 213 hours of breathtaking fun, and a total archive size of 81 GB – and counting. That’s massive indeed.

Chicks & Vids

The fact that there are almost 300 of the greatest porn stars on earth assembled here on POVThis gives the site a unique and exceptional accolade as the largest enclave of the best porn girls in the world. These girls dazzle and shine with all glory you can imagine. They are beautiful, sexy, talented, and incredibly creative. While keeping contact with the camera lens, they can still masterfully suck huge cocks, lick big balls, and get fucked hard. Indeed, these super-hot blondes, brunettes, and every other color in between, are built for excellence. Their bodies, cunts, and assholes, as well as boobs, butts, and every other place work in perfect synchrony to bring the very best out their men. Everything you desire from these premium girls is here in abundance; POVThis has expended so many resources to ensure that you get nothing but the very best of hardcore POV action like never before.

Great adult site offering awesome POV videos

Bottom Line

Technology, creativity, talents, and awesome fucking have been nicely blended together to give you the best POV sex website in history. The allure of a participant in a sex show recording the scenes in a nonstop fashion has proven to be far more popular than multi-camera shoots. Take advantage of the awesome bonus available today and have a great time.


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