PrideStudios Review

Website Overview

The PrideStudios is a network’s hub, which lets you to access the content of 7 hardcore porn sites. As a member here, you can enjoy all kind of gay porn, featuring bareback sex, twinks, large cocks and even men over 30, all just for your pleasure. This portal isn’t an old one; it launched during the year of 2014. However don’t worry, you get a huge compilation to enjoy, since many of the included sites have been around for over a decade or more. The included pages were updating regularly, and at their actual state, there are more than 4,000 hardcore scenes for you to enjoy here, along with matching photo sets. As far as the update schedule is concerned, there are daily updates network-wide, but on their own account the sites seem to be updated on a weekly base. Some might think it’s an issue, but this is good, because it’s a steady, easy to keep frequency. Also, the sites included may be old, but they switched to high-definition video making when it became a thing, so the videos here are mostly in HD, and also a significant number of Full-HD scenes are available too. The PrideStudios offers you the content of seven sites. These feature twinks, and large cocks, but if you like a bit more mature men, or you want to watch hot group sex scenes, you can find them inside too. These portals are mostly well-known in the industry, and they offer great variety and juicy sex to the eager audience. You don’t have to worry about the uniqueness of the scenes, because these are all fully exclusive scenes, and if you see them on other sites they are either taken, or they are there for promotional purposes only.

Site’s Qualities

This site looks a modern one, and it works fine on all devices, including smart phones and tablets too. If you are an experienced porn viewer, you will notice that this layout and build is the same as they use on other porn sites – no big surprise, because the PrideStudios is connected to Gamma and their program BuddyProfits. You can take a good look at the content, since the tour grants you five preview trailers, and this is the main feature of the tour. Also, you may like to familiarize with the layout, and that would be good, since the inner section looks just the same. The menu will move to the top, but the options it offers are the same, with a few extra ones which can help you reach the bonus content. Probably you are more interested in the video-playing options than the layout, so let us take a look at that. You have the usual ways to enjoy the movies of the sites: online or offline. For in-browser playing you can use the embedded player, based on Flash, granting a nice playback. Saving is possible in MP4 format, offering choices up to 1080p.

Guys & Vids

Every guy in the videos of the PrideStudios is a professional. These lads know how to fuck, and as you will see they are not the kind who easily put aside their preferences, just to do porn. This way, you can notice that while some of them are just doing the bottom’s work, others prefer to be tops. As with everything, this also ensures a certain level of variety. Mostly mature guys and twinks are featured, and among them, you can also recognize some of the sub-types. There are twinks who are experimenting with their body, so they are versatile, and they seem to like it. Other guys could be considered as bears since they are hairy and big. Also, there are those heart-stopping alpha-males who have every inch of their body worked out, they have big arms, big cocks and stone hard ass. They are the ones who prefer to be tops, and they make the others to be their fuck-doll. Since the movies come from different studios, you will find here all kinds of guys, however we mostly saw Caucasian males in there, so ethnic variety might not be too great. Not just the guys, but also the videos here are professionally made. These scenes are all coming from the Pride Studios’ workshop, and they cover several hardcore niches. As a base rule it’s safe to say that this network of sites and series isn’t focusing on bareback porn. There are 7 sites/series included in your membership, and the videos you can reach on the PrideStudios are all fitting into a fantasy or into a focus-niche. For example, there are the videos of the Dylan&Lucas, which tell the misbehaving of two guys, who cruise about and fuck guys they like. But we could also mention the videos from the ExtraBigDicks, where not just those over 30 guys with large cocks, but the well-hung twinks also get a good role. In these flicks, the guys are sticking their quite large cock into the others’ ass, and while they are at it, they get to suck and they suck too. This is a greatly varied collection of hardcore, and heavy gay porn, so make sure to check it if you like this type of porn.

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Bottom Line

The PrideStudios is a recommended network for all fans of gay-porn. In case you are gay, or you like to watch guys fucking guys, you shouldn’t miss this network. Though some of the included sites aren’t really updating, it’s still a good collection to browse. With the newer videos they switched to the higher standards, so Full-HD additions are quite regular. Also, it’s a very fine business deal too, since you get 7 sites content for one’s price, and you gain access to some additional extras, thus making joining a very good option.


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  • 1 month $21.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 1 year $131.95

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