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Website Overview

Piñatas are usually opened and out pops the most delicious treats. Well, in this case, Pussy Piñata will give you the most delicious pussies that are awaiting pleasure. There are many thrills and spills of Latina fulfillment. The Latina women do not delay in giving up their most coveted assets. The site that embraces the pussy stretching concept welcomes everyone to the most sizzling action. If you cannot resist the sight of a ‘jar of honey’ being pounded hard, gags and fantasies then this site was especially made for you. Once you sign up for membership, there is no going back. There is a chance to latch on to these light and dark skinned beauties that are flaunting their bodies and sucking on cocks. The decent size of the collection will always give you a movie to enjoy. With a prevalent feel of reality, all the movies are easy to relate to as they are shot around the household. Pussy Pinata may be a strange name for a site because you can never know what you will get when you key in the name of the site into your browser. Thankfully, this site has more than a catchy name to offer. There is no doubt that you will be exposed to the craziest scenes. The amateur Latina models give their best in each movie; that’s how you know that Pussy Pinata is among the best porn sites. It solely focuses on giving the best entertainment and enjoyment. The site has proven to have a steady growing stream thus giving members the most reliable porn site to always log into when horniness strikes.

Site’s Qualities

When I jumped into the members’ area, I noticed a few things that made Pussy Pinata stand out from other similar sites: The main page comprises of the site’s latest updates which separate the older movies from the brand new ones. The movies are tagged with a preview picture and the date of the next update. However, there is no particular pattern to the update, mostly, they are made randomly. When it comes to the movies, the PussyPinata clearly lays out all your download and streaming options which include WMV and MPEG. The site often boasts of quality version and has never failed to deliver on this end. The streaming options are majority available for any size of the movies i.e. different viewing option sizes. There are screen caps that accompany all the movies. Everything that you are looking for is laid out in all corners of the site for you to enjoy. There are also links that directly lead all the members to the 45 bonus sites which make up for a considerable portion of the collection. With Pussy Pinata, you do not have to worry about clutter because everything is laid out systematically.

Chicks & Vids

This site boasts of the hottest Latinas that you will find anywhere on the internet. The variety of light and dark skinned Latinas will have you jumping for joy. You will obviously find someone to make you hard. The hundreds of beauties will really turn you on in the most exciting way. There are those who will make you want to get blowjobs, have anal sex and get kinky with full on sex. There are incredible bodies to be proud of here. Latinas do not fail as far as sexual appeals are concerned; they are mainly toned, tight and curvy in all the right places. They may be amateurs, but they certainly know what that is doing when it comes to strip downs, blowjobs, gags and anal pleasures. There is nothing that these amateurs will not do for the love of big cock. Not only are the models getting down and nasty but they also make pleasant faces for the camera. This adds something super to all of the scenes. The models names are also tagged with every movie and they are Latina as they can get. The site clearly does not throw in a mix of different ethnicities. The one running theme that PussyPinata embraces apart from wet, enticing pussies is the big, luscious asses. They jiggle and wiggle with every bang that the models receive. These are a mix of silicone filled boobs and natural boobs altogether. This site does a great job of mixing different aspects together to form a great sexual camaraderie. Most of the models show that the site only picks out the best. Some of the best performers include Valentine Lopez, Selena Rios, Luscious Lopez, Velvet Lick, Angel Marie and Rosario Stone. Donna Red’s movie stole the spotlight for me. Donna has all the Latin spiciness that you can wish for; her massive boobs will tempt you to touch while her killer body curves and stretches with every rhythm of the cock stroke. Her interracial partner does not delay in raising her legs up into the air and giving her gentle strokes of good sex. Donna Red is so comfortable on set that you may find it hard to tell that she is an amateur. She handles every sexual curve ball that is thrown at her like a true professional. After half an hour of fucking, a lot of cum drools from her pussy, letting you know that she has gotten the climax the then she wanted. The 227+ episodes of hot sizzling action have the same thrilling moments that Donna Red’s movie possesses. If you feel the need to explore, you can always tap into the hundreds of galleries for that extra, sexy motivation.

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Bottom Line

Pussy Pinata highly delivers on all the action. The women fuck and suck in the best way that they can to ensure that you have something to talk about. This site is certainly worth the plunge. It will encourage you to tap into your inner Latina and embrace sex as you love it. The large collection and decent nature of galleries will let you know that the site is most certainly serious about making a name for itself. Latina lovers can obviously be excited for what is to come every time they log in. Pussy Pinata is the next big thing! Well, it has been the hottest pussy porn site for years now.


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