RecordedGFs Review

Website Overview

Definitely one of the most extraordinary amateur porn sites since 2015, RecordedGFs is making other amateur XXX sites jealous of its sexy amateur porn collection and the warm welcome that it is receiving from the industry. These amateur XXX scenes are all user submitted contents and feature a lot of amateur girls from all over the world. Due to its amateur porn videos, RecordedGFs is one site that you should not dare to miss.

Site’s Qualities

RecordedGFs is an appealing site that features amateur girls playing with themselves in front of the webcam. The site is straightforward and responsive to user requests. Since 2015, the site already accumulated over 5000 videos and 1500 photo galleries. You can enjoy these contents online or offline. For the videos, you can stream them using the site’s flash player. You can also download them as an MP4 file but the quality remains the same when you’re streaming them. In the recently uploaded videos, you will notice that its quality is higher than the ones in the archived. The archived or the old videos have low quality. I also noticed that the length of the videos is not consistent. There are short clips of girls who are masturbating while there are longer videos or the full-length type of these videos.

The photo sets also contain 15 pictures on average. You can browse them online or you can download them in zip files. If you want to save up space, you can also download the photos one by one. These contents are included in a tag so you can narrow down your searches easily. You can also sort the contents according to the most viewed or the top rated ones from the site or the entire network. The site also has a rating tool where you can rank the videos accordingly, or if you want, you can also drop some comments to help other users get some feedback on the video. If you happen to like a video or two, you can also add them to the favorites section of your profile where you can always come back to them at a later time.

Aside from these photos and videos, the site also has external videos that you can enjoy. These videos are from the partner sites of the GF Network. The good thing about your membership to RecordedGFs is you can have full access to the 30 sites and enjoy their contents until you drop. Some of the sites that you will be exploring are Girlfriend Orgasms, My Lesbo GF, Squirting GFs, My BBW GF, Dirty Wives Exposed, My POV GF, and My Ebony GF. The site also has a DVD collection, which gives a great deal of high quality amateur porn.

Chicks & Vids

The girls in RecordedGFs are not your typical girlfriends who shy away from the camera. Instead, these girls love to film themselves while they are horny and naughty. There are different types of girls on the site but none of them are looking ugly. They all possess a certain charm and appeal that you cannot find in other porn sites like this. If you are looking for models who are popular, sad to say, there’s no one that you can find on this site because all the girls are amateurs. None of them are even connected with the site and also the videos that were submitted are not exclusive. If you happen to be around several user submitted sites, there’s a strong chance that you will come across some of the videos in RecordedGFs.

The girls represented different continents in the planet. You can see some redhead girls with their big boobs, black haired girls with their lithe figures, brunettes with their bombshell curves and blondes with their nice pussy slits. There are also some plus sized girls in the collection too. These girls have big jiggly boobs and layers of fats dancing up and down every time they hop in and out of their dildos. With the range of girls in the collection, you will surely find the type of girl that you want to watch and jerk off.

The scenes also vary. There are scenes where girls fuck with their boyfriends and scenes where they masturbate on their own but I think there are more masturbation scenes in the collection. There are also girls who film themselves with their group of friends. The settings of the scenes are also not limited to the bedroom only but other areas in the house are featured too. There was one girl who was masturbating in her living room and one girl who was strip teasing in her kitchen. Some of the girls also love to stimulate their assholes with their sex toys and show the enlarged hole to the camera afterward. In some scenes, the girls point their camera to their pussy until they drip with cum. Overall, I like how natural the girl’s reactions are whenever they moan or whenever they are about to orgasm.

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Bottom Line

I like everything about this site because it offers a lot of amateur masturbation videos. The girls are also very lovely to watch, which makes them better than some of the typical professional pornstars out there. One thing that I also like is that the girls are all natural, which means that they did not undergo any operations or surgeries to enhance their boobs or hips. Their appetite for sex also makes them very effective pornstars. Aside from the girls, the website layout is also something that I admired in the site. It is organized and very easy to navigate. The bonus sites are all lovely too! With just a cheap membership fee, I am certain that I got more than what I paid for on this site. If you don’t want to be left out, you should also try this site now.


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