RedLightSexTrips Review

Website Overview

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is known world over for the prostitution that takes place there. Well, RedLightSexTrips is a creation of two guys namely Bob and Rick who thought of using their expertise of the Dutch Red Light District as well as the Dutch hookers found there. They created their own business that affords tourists to the Red Light District the ability to experience the fame and pleasures of the famous Red Light District in a manner that is not easy to find. They take it upon themselves to try and fulfill all the fantasies the tourists have in matters sex. The beauty of this site is there are no same fantasies and as such, you are in for an insane ride.

Site’s Qualities

The members of RedLightSexTrips have a very cool package in their hands. When opening the membership area, you will be greeted by a very lovely looking website. Each video has a short write up that details where the tourists come from and the fantasies that are awaiting their arrival. Navigating the site is not an issue. In fact, going through the site is easier than traversing the streets of Amsterdam I am sure.

There are certain features including menus and icons that have aided in making the site more user-friendly. In fact, I did not have any problem browsing around the materials and I totally recommend the webmaster on that front. However, I am not a fan of the ads in the members’ area although they don’t distract a lot from the site’s contents I even liked the one on this particular site because that give you updates on what is new or coming soon. Updating a site is crucial to ensure members have new stuff after some time. I therefore, recommend the webmaster to look into this .

Chicks & Vids

Well, the site does not use porn stars rather, the models are actual windowed hookers offering themselves up for a sexual ride. I actually love the fact that the site does not concentrate on any particular model size or physical appearance. All that is important is fulfilling the tourist’s fantasies and sexual desires. Some of the hooker models that feature in the site include Hooker JJ, Hooker Amber, Hooker Bunny, Hooker Vanessa, Hooker Honey, and many other models or prostitutes whatever you want to call them.

RedLightSexTrips boasts off about 212 scenes each lasting for approximately 30 minutes. The videos are all in high definition. Bob and Rick are good at what they do and the camera work, lighting, and sound work are commendable. The videos are cast in full length. The site does not restrict the number of videos one can download at any one time. You can download as many videos as you desire. Other than downloading, there is also an option of watching the videos online via an embedded flash player. The videos take an impressive 5-10 seconds to buffer. It is your choice how you would like to take your poison. The site has around 212 photo galleries each containing about 100 photos. These are of very high quality and can either be downloaded or viewed online as slides.

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Bottom Line

The rarity in the content found on RedLightSexTrips makes it a site worth visiting. Better still, the amount of content is enough to warrant membership for anyone who is turned on by the fantasies on offer. The site has made me desire to go to Amsterdam and be a part of the adventure. As such, I recommend the site.


  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $18.31/month

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