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Website Overview

Great ebony porn site that shows that a little adventure at the safari can be more than what you imagine. If you wished for shooting wild lions in this deserted place, you might as well think about doing some crazy stuff with the beautiful ebony girls out there, right? Their pussy, although it’s not the large cat that we call as the King of the Jungle, is in exhibit in this ebony xxx site, SafariSex.

Site’s Qualities

The concept of SafariSex can be a little bit beyond a normal guy’s fantasy. However, that’s what makes it unique, right? This whole new level of exploring our sexual desires is just trendy for the current generation. In fact, SafariSex is not even that old in the porn industry. It was launched in 2016 by the Global Content Services Ltd. which is a porn company from Belize and it has been in operation for some time now. So far, I would say that it is doing a great job managing its network sites. In fact, SafariSex, with its creative concept, has already earned a lot of followers and supporters from all over the internet.

This site belongs to the Ebony Girls niche and, as expected from this kind of niche, there’s a lot of hardcore and crazy sex in here. I’m pretty sure that they don’t only serve hardcore banging, but they also have a lot of foreplay stuff that are enough to wet your pants. To be specific, there are fetishes like BDSM, which is appropriate if you want a tough love making; BBC or big black cock which is almost the majority’s favourite; oral sex which is a great exercise for your tongue and throat; and masturbation which is indeed very handy for giving yourself quick pleasures.

Aside from all these fetishes that you can expect from the videos, SafariSex also has 70 network sites that are included in the bonus sites section of the site. That is if you decide to become a member. Although it is not part of the network sites, French Pickups is also included in the bonus sites that you can access from SafariSex. What is this site all about? French Pickup is basically about horny French girls that will do anything to lick that dripping cum from your cock.

Moving on to the aesthetic part of the site, SafariSex has an excellent web design. So far, it is one of the most creative web sites that I’ve seen among other porn sites. The background is just as lovely as the Safari. It also has a nicely made and professional looking logo. A sun and a safari tree give accent to the text “Safari Sex” in bold letters as if it was screaming for adventure— it suits the concept of the site very well. It uses the color scheme that’s like the color of a sunset.

Aside from the good web design, the contents of the site are also screaming for attention. There are no pictures in the site but the videos are all crisp and sharp— an excellent quality! Moreover, these are also 100% exclusive videos. Some of the videos have a resolution of 1440×1080 pixels, while there are some that are 788×576 pixels only. However, the latter is still good. The older videos have quite a lower resolution though, because of the technology limitations at the time the video was uploaded. I think this flaw is definitely forgivable.

Like some big porn sites, the videos in SafariSex can also be downloaded or streamed. For streaming, it uses the built in flash player of the site. So far, I have not had any inconvenience while streaming the videos like slow buffers and etc. For downloading the video, you can use the download manager of the site and save the video in MP4 format. The average length of the video is 20 minutes long so you also have to consider that if you want to store the video in your device. For more user convenience, SafariSex provides filtering and sorting features in the site. The videos can be filtered by name, by views, and by date. It also uses an advanced search tool so you can just search for a specific keywords and the site will automatically query it to the corresponding tag in the video.

Chicks & Vids

What can you expect from a porn site specializing in Ebony Girls porn? Of course, the models are obviously black women. These fearless protectors of the desert also show that they are also fearless when it comes to sex. I almost cannot believe my eyes seeing these girls perform very well in every sexual act. They can do sweet and sensual scenes while they can also do rough hardcore sex scenes. They also show some skills in touching themselves and inserting those toys inside their dripping pussy. They also make use of leather straps and belts in some of their scenes.

There’s also quite a lot of variety of body types here. The location of the videos is very unusual compared to other porn videos out there. Almost all of the videos are shot outdoors— either in the middle of the desert or surrounded by trees. Although there are scenes which looked like an old and abandoned warehouse though, you’ll then immediately watch the scene quick transition to an outdoor setting where all you can hear is the moan and the cry of pleasure of the black woman being fucked.

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Bottom Line

If you want a different variety of porn videos, SafariSex is the right site for you. Here, you won’t only appreciate the beauty of the desert but you’ll admire these Ebony girls and their appetite for wild sex. You surely won’t feel robbed out of your money if you subscribe to this porn site. The contents are growing into a large pool of ebony porn. Aside from that, the website is also too good to ignore. SafariSex is worth a try.


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