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Website Overview

Scandinavian adult entertainment has been making its name in the adult entertainment industry, its women are gorgeous blondes who are wild and liberated enough to willingly do anything that is asked of them. ScandiPorn is the site that features Scandinavian models in racy sex videos and scenes which will make you understand the hype that is building around them, they are all horny and they are all willing to experiment, not only do they have sex with each other but they also do lesbian sex, gangbangs, threesomes and solo shots. They also do different sex positions that you probably have not seen before so it is definitely worth a watch.

Site’s Qualities

ScandiPorn has thousands of high definition videos on their site that features Scandinavian blonde bombshells, they also have thousands of high resolution pictures, all of their contents can be downloaded and converted into different formats like WMV, MPEG, AVI and more. You can transfer the downloaded videos into your other devices like Smartphones, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, PSP and more, you can also view their videos through streaming it on their desktop version or you can watch it on the go through your phone by using their easy to navigate mobile version.

All of their videos are arranged neatly in rows and columns and are divided into pages for easy navigation, you can also rate the videos based on the performance of the models and you can even save them in your favourites folder so that you can watch your favourite video anytime without going through pages of videos.

Once you sign up you can have access to other hardcore adult entertainment sites such as DPOrgams, DirtyClinic, BossLesson, HotPartySex, DirtyPrivate, SchoolGirlLust, WhoresInPublic, SexFlexVideos and more, all of which have different niches that you will surely enjoy. If you want to receive updates real time then you can sign up to their newsletter, an email will be sent to you and all of their contents are updated regularly. If you have any questions or concerns then you can contact their customer support hotline, they are available 24/7 to help you.

Chicks & Vids

This site features Scandinavian adult entertainment videos. In one video it showed a beautiful blonde woman in a black dress kissing a man in a black polo shirt and brown slacks. As they kissed, the man started touching her breasts through her dress and she started unbuttoning his polo shirt, he then licked and sucked her nipples as he took his shirt off; he squeezed them and ran his tongue all over them before sucking her nipples alternately, he then reached down her pussy and rubbed it over her black panties as she kissed and sucked his neck. She also reached down and rubbed his cock over his brown slacks.

The man then knelt in front of her as she spread her legs wide open on the chair, the man then started eating her out and he pushed her black underwear to the side as he ran his tongue over her shaved pussy; he used his tongue to tease the outline of her pussy before pushing it deeper and licking her clit and eating her out. He then removed her black stockings and her black underwear completely and he made her kneel on the chair, her ass in now high up in the air as she bent over, the man stretched her ass cheeks and ate her pussy from behind; after eating her out he then immediately inserted two fingers into her pussy and fingered her, he pumped his fingers in and out before stretching her ass too and fingered it, preparing both of her holes for his massive cock. He then made the woman bend over a chair as he stood up, the woman did as she was told and she bent over and used the chair for support as the man held her waist and pound her pussy using his massive cock. He went as deep and as fast as he could, making the chair rock from the impact, he then turned her around and continued pounding her while sucking her nipples and squeezing her breasts, he was balls deep when he pulled out from her. He then made her go on all fours again as he inserted his cock into her again, but this time in her ass, he held her waist and continued pounding her ass like it was a pussy, stretching it.

After pounding her pussy and her ass he then made her lay on the table, they kissed passionately and the camera focused on them, it was also revealed that there were people watching them from the glass window as they had sex, the man gave her a yellow dildo to use in her pussy as he made her suck his cock, he moved his waist so that he could go as deep as he could, he rammed his cock into her mouth like it was a pussy and she used her other hand to please herself as she used the dildo to pump into her pussy while she gave the man a blowjob. He then went around and made the woman let go of the yellow dildo as he replaced it with his own cock, he moved her on the table so that the audience that were watching them from the glass window would have had a good view of what was happening and of what they were doing, he continued pounding her pussy and he continued making her give him a blowjob. The video ended with him sitting on the table as the woman gave him a final blowjob, after a few seconds he came all over her face and mouth.

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Bottom Line

ScandiPorn is an adult entertainment site that features Scandinavian models, they have classy and high quality sex scenes and they are not afraid to experiment, not only do they do bedroom sex, they also do live sex, lesbian sex, gangbangs and more for the viewing pleasure of their audience and the subscribers of the site.


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