SexySettings Review

Website Overview

Sexy Settings is one of the oldest amateur BDSM sites where you will find plenty of submissive tender aged females are tied to bedposts, gagged and fucked by their masters. If you want to enjoy something truly hardcore that redefines your experience with BDSM porn then you should look out for this website. If you like the idea of being in control incredibly sexy then you will definitely love the content that is on offer at Sexy Settings. The naked and tied up models will truly please you and turn you on. All of the content has been shot in domestic settings and it all adds up to the experience that the website offers. If you want to add a bit of spice to the mundane sex life of yours then you can get plenty of ideas from the website and it’s very different from the boring sex scenes that you get to see on other websites. The Website has content that has plenty of flashy costumes and amazing sets to add a bit of bling to the content and the way the content has been handled till date is quite good. The amateur models love the idea of letting their masters getting around their bodies while they stay helplessly without any form of control. Getting fucked and obeying every command of their masters is what they do best and you will find plenty of interesting content to make the experience a whole lot better. You will find 300+ videos and nearly 600 galleries of content that you will love exploring. The high amount of content is truly surprising because the website is in such a niche and yet it manages to provide unique content with every update. You will find a variety of women on the website and you will find women of all ages on the website who wear a range of beautiful costumes and they are shown in some of the most amazing bedrooms you will see. The models feature on some of the most amazing scenes you have seen. The models have been professionally filmed and most of the models seem to be up to the task of being able to cope up with the high standards that have been set by the website. The models have extremely slim physiques and they surely can turn you on in a matter of seconds. There are 150+ models and all of them have been carefully selected by the producers for making sure they fit into the high quality films. The scenes have a lot of cock action with large cocks sliding down their mouths in all their glory and you just love how these girls, despite not being in control over what’s happening to them moan for more pleasure. BDSM might have become a part of modern culture thanks to a lot of books and movies popularizing them in the recent past but the BDSM culture has existed since decades and it has been practiced by horny couples all around the world all these years and people are finally realizing the need to add something to their sex lives so there are turning to BDSM to find something new to look forward to in their sex lives.

Site’s Qualities

The user interface of the website is quite good and when you open up the member’s area you will find a lot of BDSM content that you will love browsing through. The user interface if perfect for all users and most of the text is self-explanatory so you will be able to navigate through without any difficulties at all. There is a wide range of features to ease your viewing experience and you will love the way how interactive the website is and how you can move your way around panels and panels of content in a breeze. The BDSM theme is highly relevant when you look at the color scheme of the website and it reminds you of those old movies that were high on sexual content. Coming to the content, the videos can streamed on your PC or they can be downloaded to your computer and you can view them whenever you want. Access to all of the video and image updates can be received through the member’s area and you will be able to access all of the information on what’s in store for you in the coming weeks by checking the coming soon section. Overall the design is very user friendly and you will be able to have a gala time with all the features that are on offer at the website.

Chicks & Vids

There are plenty of images and videos to choose from at the website and you can get access to all of the content by browsing through the amazing member’s section where all of the content is sorted for you and ready in place. The image galleries are just exceptional and they prove that it’s not only the videos that make a website great. The image galleries are just top notch and you will love the overall experience that it provides. You can get everything that you need downloaded to your PC and you will love the way the content has been beautifully presented. The images are up, close and personal and the videos are top notch as well. The high definition content will just blow you away as you see women indulge in some naughty action with not only just men but also women and there are many group sessions as well which will turn you on in a matter of seconds. Scenes can be anything between just a few minutes to half an hour and there is a lot of audio content as well thrown in to add to the mood.

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Bottom Line

The mischief that the porn stars indulge themselves in is quite amazing and you will love seeing all these amazing women get into some BDSM action with men, toys and a whole lot more. Overall the membership experience is quite good and if you are someone who appreciates the beauty of a lady tied down and begging for more action then you will love what is on offer at the website.


  • 1 month $33.83
  • 3 months $58.03
  • 1 year $96.75

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