ShareAdult Review

Website Overview

ShareAdult has the internet`s best amateur filmed collection of porn. The site is general, focused on multiple types of porn videos and photos as the content is derived from user uploads. It looks awesome and the videos are in full HD so you can enjoy great quality content at a cheap subscription fee.

Site’s Qualities

ShareAdult is full of videos from the community of members. The most popular are showed in a list fashion with clickable preview pictures so you will know what to expect. The servers of ShareAdult are clearly of a high quality because the site loads quickly though they clearly have a lot of content and daily uploads and downloads. They grey colors of the background of ShareAdult lets the user focus on what`s important, namely the girls. Most of the videos are of Caucasian girls but the topics are diverse from lesbian porn to couples having sex. Even though the videos are amateur, the quality is great and there is 7,500 GB of data ready to be discovered. There is no mobile version but the way ShareAdult is configured creates no need for one as it is as easy to use on the phone or tablet as it is on the laptop or desktop computer. As it generally loads well and technically speaking everything seems to be in order I believe the technical team is doing a great job.

Chicks & Vids

ShareAdult is mainly focused on Caucasian women having hardcore sex. However, the videos are amateur so you will mostly find POV movies made by guys of their girlfriends and movies made by wannabe pornstars. But that is what makes this site great as all these people film the action in 1080p and as the videos are uploaded by members you can find anything you want here. There are threesomes, girl on girl videos and even romantic sexual movies. ShareAdult updates the site many times during the day as the community is quite large so you can never run out of content. It`s a good idea to update your own video if you are into it as you would contribute to this immense library of good amateur porn. But I suspect they only accept great quality filming as all the videos I saw where of hardcore girls having awesome sex. There were no movies of a couple doing it on the bed while the camera would be aiming at them from a nearby table. You can download the movies in wmv or even the format needed for Ipods. You can also stream movies using Flash Player or download pictures as archives. Another great advantage of joining ShareAdult is getting access to 2 other websites: 18X Girls and Adult DVD Hits. The download speed can reach almost 2MB per second. Movies are about 25 to 50 MB large and photos about 25Kb. Therefore, you can download a high quality video in about 20 seconds and you can get photo galleries immediately. If you are searching for specific amateur HD content you have advanced filters on the search bar to do so. The photo galleries are not that big, having about 14 pictures for each model but this is normal for amateur content and the galleries don`t have the usual intro pictures that nobody cares for. They have great pictures from the start. And the girls in those pictures are mostly fit women that look awesome so even though galleries are not large they have over 5.000 so you can never complain about lack of content.

One of the top adult site with some fine amateur stuff

Bottom Line

I liked the fact that ShareAdult selects the videos they accept from the community, therefore creating a great collection of only high quality content for members to enjoy. ShareAdult is easy to use and has a simple layout so it creates a great user experience both in actually using the site and in the photos and videos they offer.


  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 6 months $74.95

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