ShemaleStrokers Review

Website Overview

What is the best thing in porn? Is it the sex, the pussies, the dicks? No, it is the variety, the novelty, the content that you do not get to see every day, and with so many sites out there, there are also many surprises lying in wait. Well, I found a site that is every bit as good as it looks, and its name is ShemaleStrokers. With a name like that, you can expect, well, what you saw, and that would be the shemales. They are wonderful and have nice big dicks, all for you to explore and enjoy.

Site’s Qualities

Apart from having a lovely bunch of shemales on the site, you also get a bit more, given how the site’s design is everything but lacking. It has all the things that you would need on the home page, starting from the preview video, right at the start, where you get introduced to the shemales, and their world of masturbation. That video alone is enough to get a person aroused.

What is more, if you continue to browse, you will find many a pleasant thing, starting from the description of the site, which helps you find the content, and find more about the site, too. Apart from those things, you also have previews of the models, below, and as well, previews of the other sites in the network. Yes, the members get access to many things, like well-sorted content, which you can access by clicking a button or two.

The site also comes with great bandwidth, which makes the surfing an even better experience, especially if you want to see the videos and enjoy them. The site makes you wait for nothing, as the videos load in a second or so, even less, and you also get that same speed on the mobile devices. With that mobile version being so much better than what you would expect, all your porn becomes portable, and you can have as much fun as you wish, wherever you might be at that moment.

Chicks & Vids

It is not just the site’s technical parts that make it so good, so good that you will want to join it immediately, but the content itself, that is what makes it special, and that is what separates it from all the other sites, making your browsing a much better experience. You will find yourself immersed in a world full of shemale fun, where their dicks are hard, their boobs nice, their faces rather pretty and female looking, so you will get everything, actually, the best of both worlds, to the point where getting an orgasm is as simple as opening a video or two.

The site also allows you to find content in a high enough resolution, that is, full HD, which also makes it very nice when you download it, in the MP4 format. With over 330 scenes on the site, you get more than you would have expected at first, and that is just the start of things. The site also has photos, and over 25000 of them, for you to see and download, too, in the ZIP format. What is more, you can also enjoy having a collection of other sites, right there for the taking, 10 of them, all with shemales, all with different content.

This one is the most interesting membership porn site to acces top notch shemale videos

Bottom Line

Nothing is like this site, where you get to see shemales masturbate and pose for you, getting that passion through the screen. I love what they do, and they also love, it apparently, and they look great. The site is called ShemaleStrokers, and they never fail to deliver, especially if you want bonus content.


  • 1 month $22.95
  • 3 months $52.95
  • 5 months $54.95
  • 1 year $149.95

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