ShesNew Review

Website Overview

The ShesNew is a nice porn site from the folks at the TeamSkeet network. It’s a fantasy/reality-porn website which features amazingly hot fresh girls, going through – according to the site’s claims – their first porn video ever. Don’t want to be a myth buster, but as you will see yourself, some of the models are not new at all, they are established porn stars, usually doing porn videos for sites that feature girls under twenty- or twenty five. Nevertheless many videos offer genuine porn debuts, so the site’s claims are more or less met. It’s only a four years old series of the TeamSkeet, and it offers a collection which has a size that fit’s the update schedule. Right now, there are usually two updates each months, thus the site offers more than 170 videos for you (it has a strong starting collection). As part of the TeamSkeet network, the ShesNew grants you one helluva bonus: you can browse the full collection of the network. This means that you will be able to access all 26 sites’ content from the members’ zone. Another benefit is that there are daily updates on the network, so there will be always new stuff for you to browse. You may have already heard of the TeamSkeet, because it’s one of the largest upcoming networks of the online porn industry. The sites and series of the network cover various niches, from vanilla porn to some heavy elements. For example, there are fetish sites that focus on big tits, big asses and big cocks; there is one even for very short girls and huge cocks. Some sites like the InnocentHigh covers fantasies and niches like CFNM. Every video on the ShesNew and on the network sites is exclusive, you can’t possibly find them outside the network’s sites.

Site’s Qualities

Usually everyone prefers a rich tour, which provides some actual insight on a site’s content, but as you can see, the folks who designed the ShesNew don’t think the same way. This why you can see only thumbnails and gifs listed on the tour page. It’s your only insight on the actual content. There is a way though if you want to see something from the videos: you can go to the flagship site of the TeamSkeet network, and search for the ShesNew videos in the list. There you can watch some trailers for the scenes. When you log in, you will arrive to the hub of the TeamSkeet network. From these pages, you can reach out network-wide, so you don’t have to go any other site to enjoy the bonuses you get. As for the layout, you will see that it’s a really simple, but perfectly functional page. The top always features the logo of the network, the search bar and the menu. Since we mentioned the search engine, let’s take a look at it: there isn’t much to see because it’s pretty basic. It recognizes keywords and model names, but doesn’t offer advanced capabilities. You main navigation tool will be the menu. This menu has the usual features, like the Updates, Girls, Sites, My Favorites, and the not-to-be-missed Live Girls and Specials. If you know your way around porn sites, you won’t encounter any troubles with this one either. As a secondary navigation tool there are some option on the right side of the page. You can select the site you want to browse from a dropdown. You may also choose a model, or a category. There are hotlinks to the most recent, most viewed updates too. The movies of the ShesNew are yours for in-browser watching and for downloading. You can save them in HD or even Full-HD, usually in MP4 format. If you prefer streaming, the site provides a 540p FLV stream for you. Every scene has a set of photos and video captions attached to it, so if you want stand still with hardcore sex on them, you can save these galleries as zip files. The members’ zone is mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy every video on tablets or smart phones too.

Chicks & Videos

The site claims that the girls here are all first timers. Now, there might be some truth in it, but don’t expect only amateurs here. Since it’s a kind of fantasy, they scripted and staged the scenes to look like they were actual first time movies, but when you see… let’s say Dakota Skye in a video, you know that it’s not an audition tape. And yes, there are videos on the TeamSkeet network that feature stars like Dakota Skye (especially on the ExxxtraSmall). These girls are really varied, most of them are Caucasians and Latinas. You will see that many of them are natural beauties, and while they are mostly porn stars, fake tits hardly appear in the videos. In case you like scripted hardcore porn, you will enjoy the collection of the ShesNew. These videos are look like actual first time videos, but you may notice that the girls handle those cocks too well to be totally newbies. Nevertheless, these videos are satisfying, and the sex in them is utterly hot. There long cock-sucking parts, and they fuck in many different positions. The scenes cover various niches, but in most cases it’s just plain hardcore porn; the kind that every guy enjoys watching. Every video here is rather long, most of them go on for more than 20 minutes, so you have enough time to get turned on and shake off your load.

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Bottom Line

The ShesNew is an exciting hardcore porn site. What it offers it totally hot, and in case you like hardcore porn videos with semi-professionals and professionals acting like less experienced girls, you will certainly enjoy this compilation. The models are looking great, and since every cock here is a monster, you will see that some of them are even surprised to see what they have to deal with. The access to the whole TeamSkeet access is a great feature of the membership, and it’s one of the greatest deals you can find online: 26 sites with mostly HD videos for the cost of one membership.


  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $28.97
  • 3 months $16.72/month
  • 1 year $7.98/month

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