Ten Review

Website Overview

Do you have an appetite for real hardcore stuff that will stir you out of your erotic skin? Few platforms provide as much as what I saw on Ten. You are treated to a major collection of the best of hardcore movies from the best producers online. Ten has a host of pornstars dedicated to providing you with sex action, and varied entertainment brought in crisp clear videos and pics.

Site’s Qualities

Ten is wrapped in good looking and glamorous snow-white background colour. There is a clear focus on the comfort of the user. I was directed to a host of browsing tools immediately I landed on the homepage. There are tagged images that allow users to access videos as soon as they land in the member’s area. I could choose scenes from a long array of images drawn from the actual movies. I could also check out the movies by scene or DVD titles. There are several sort and filter tools that help users zero in on what they wish to sample.

I loved the fact that the content on the platform is also accessible via mobile devices. In fact, the loading is just as fast and seamless as it is on PC. I could also stream videos using the robust Flash Player embedded on the site. If you like to have bonuses on your subscription, there are over 12 sites for you to check out. I personally didn’t have much time to try what lies outside the massive content but the option is valid and available. You will need to really have a roaming eye and taste to check out the bonus sites. There is already more than you can finish in a life time of porn viewing on Ten. I also loved the fact that the content on the platform is sporadic and fresh. All the videos I sampled come in full HD form. In fact, the flicks play at impressive 5000k.

Chicks & Vids

Ten is the home of hot models. You are not only treated to fresh cuties in their numbers but you also get the best of them. Catch up with the likes Jenna Jameson, Brianna Banks, Monica Sweetheart and other high-flying stars on Ten. You are provided with plenty of sex action to choose from.

Well, lets start with the way the girls dress. Should I say undress; because much of the flicks you will watch contain models in scanty lingerie and accessories. The girls have an impressive taste for colour; the designer touches notwithstanding. I was stirred alive by scenes that feature cute, hot, sexy and curvaceous girls with their legs up; and most of what caught my eyes were the heels. The dudes have a way of pleasantly subduing the cuties so that they ram home their cocks to the furthest point possible.

You are treated to a range of sex action from fairly mild scenes that feature the girls in solo sex performances to others in paired encounters with muscular and virile-looking dudes in control. There are many other scenes that take you to the far end of sex action with dudes sinking their shafts into the tight virgin assholes of tender-looking and stunningly gorgeous girls. You often get a mixed feeling of a bull on the prowl and a more compassionate one that makes you want to jump into the scene and redeem the girl from the unrelenting monster-coked dudes. There is a tonne of content on the platform. You have over 5000 videos to sample on Ten. Each of the videos plays for an average of 20 minutes. The flicks come in a robust Flash Player that allows you to stop , forward and rewind on the fly.

Definitely the most frequently updated premium adult site with class-A porn videos

Bottom Line

You are treated to great quality content that comes with top notch specs and great sizes. Users are given plenty of options to browse the content on Ten.


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  • 1 month $34.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $118.95

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