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Website Overview

Spice is an essential part of cuisine that never fails to make any dish so much more delectable. The palate cannot get enough of the tingle it leaves in your mouth as you munch away at the food served at your table with the right amount of flavor leaving you wanting for more. This is the kind of theme that Thagson is after – the first bite is addicting and you will come back over and over again as they are serving nothing but the best in zest and all around goodness. It is no wonder that they have a certain type of chili as their logo. It serves to remind you of the zing that they can bring with all the hype that they can top time and time again.

They deliver spiciness that will satisfy that inner carnal cravings of the sexual kind. So strap on your big boy belts, guys, and prepare yourselves for mind blowing, heart thumping and the greatest adventure in erotic production you have never seen before. You are in for the wildest time here on Thagson.

Site’s Qualities

Thagson is not your usual kind of porn site. It is full of unmatched content that will make you delve deeper and deeper hitting the spot that you like over and over again. User interface wise, it is sleek and well designed, with its releases both old and new on the front page. They make sure to highlight their best scenes in their hit movies and will leave you itching for more movies to watch. One of the more prominent things on their home page is the fact they are a well renowned site with over a dozen of awards up their sleeve it is no wonder that they create the best kind of erotica on the internet.

With a wide array of movie releases, you are bound to discover a new interest or better yet a favorite from their collection. Other features on the website include as special spot for the directors, their full model list with a few famous ones as a part of their team. We’ll get to their list of girls in a few, as we would also like to mention their catalogue section that has a list of their released DVDs in publication form. Inside are the different kinds of porn that they offer, may it be softcore straight sex or lesbian women bringing the action to the big screen or even hardcore kinky S&M sex that will make you weak in the knees. A wide assortment of sex toys is inside as well that you may purchase for future sexcapades. If you’re the type that uses tablets, then the website is mobile ready and can be seen under with your phones may it be Android or iOS. That is quite a hefty number of neat additions to the site if I may say so myself.

Chicks & Vids

Now let’s talk about what we’ve been waiting for, the girls! To give you a bit of a head start, let’s first talk about someone famous and having a juicy character, one that you might recognize; Kagney Linn Karter. Don’t those 3 magic words of a name ring you to the bones? Early in her career, she took the titles of the best new starlet and a year so quickly that gorgeous Kagney probably doesn’t have the time to even wipe the countless money shot off her face before collecting her awards. Kagney has the most amazing bombastic curves that even her golden hair can manifest into a dazzling pleasurable sight. And there is nothing Kagney can’t do! She got the style, attitude and body especially designed to raise your pleasure spots in immeasurable distances in many different angles. Kagney Linn Karter has the face of an angel but brings out the devil inside all of us.

Second of all, I introduce to you my Latina loving fans; Carol Ferrer. There’s one thing that most of you Latina lovers agree and love, it’s the ass of all asses. Carol Ferrer is sight for sore eyes, a one of kind top notch MILF. Argentina might be the land of silver, but our native voluptuous Carol Ferrer is pure gold! Carol having a deep hunger for men’s meaty rods and an aching thirst for drizzling money shots that only a constant in-and-out session can satisfy. Her jugs that are massive enough can make any man drop their pants with bat of a lash or a jiggle of her rack. Nothing can beat Carol’s feisty Latina heat emanating from her crotch. She’s a tall glass of champagne with thighs thick that can trap a man’s face between them. And lastly I’ll discuss, our obnoxiously stunning and erotic Latina: Marta La Croft. Now, Marta La Croft may have the name that sounds like Lara Croft, but the only tomb raiding going on here are all the men doing a deep exploration in her vaginal tomb. Marta is an ever big and boastful treasure, because this Mamasita boast a bountiful pair of bosoms that you might need a higher definition monitor just to behold them in all their glory.

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Bottom Line

When there’s a porn site as extensive and as elite as this comes along, you should not slip up the chance to see them in action. Watch their movies. See their models. Become a member. Thagson is not to be missed. It is the porn site that deserves your full on attention. From the lustrous design of their website down to the great models affiliated with them, it is the kind of investment that you will not regret. Make the most out of the sexual experience you have by being a part of one of the finest porn sites from Spain in the whole internet – I mean, even the hottest porn stars trust their production so why don’t you? Don’t just stop where you are now with the porn you are already seeing. You are worthy of so much more that only Thagson can offer.


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