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Website Overview

An outstanding BDSM porn site featuring a sexy dominatrix from Thailand is ThaiMoneyPrincess. This sexy site brings out the dark nature of a beautiful dominatrix who loves to financially dominate slave boys, get them to their knees, until they beg her to let them enjoy her body and give her sexual pleasures. However, it is never easy to become her slave, and she decides who will be her slave and who will not. To become her slave, one needs to make her the centre of his life, give his complete attention to her, and feed her fetishes for a luxurious life, and when she is satisfied with the guy, she allows him to be her slave boy. The process is also very tedious, with the dominating slut admonishing and chastising the slave boy in ridiculous ways, in public and anywhere she deems fit.

The sadism and masochism depicted by the dominatrix is amazing to watch, as she makes the slaves her personal ashtray, or tie them up to the bed post while she enjoys a lavish meal with her friend in a top-end restaurant. The femdom depicted is excellent, and her favourite slaves get special privileges like enjoying live cam or even calling her on her mobile. To know more about this amazing site, and how it can add value to your jerk-off experience, you should read the review that we have provided below. It will help you taking an educated decision regarding subscription of this site.

Site’s Qualities

ThaiMoneyPrincess has one of the nicest layouts that you may have come across. The design goes very well with the BDSM theme. Black and red are generally used as the colours for any BDSM themed site, and ThaiMoneyPrincess is no stranger to such colour schemes. That’s the colour scheme that ThaiMoneyPrincess has used. A black background across the site adds a sense of elegance, and brings out the darkness of the BDSM theme very beautifully. Red is used in appropriate measures and at strategic places to add to the intriguing nature of ThaiMoneyPrincess. Additionally, there are a few other colours that have been used to accentuate various parts of the site. Grey has been used in two shades, a dark and a light shade, while white is used as the colour of the text. A shade of yellow ochre is used for text as well as some of the link buttons.

At the top of the site, on the header, there is a welcome banner, and a lovely logo. The logo has red and silvery white colours, with the red having the silvery white border. A heap of currency notes, indicates the domineering chick’s love for money. A description of the princess, her age and what she likes to do is seen below the logo. A gorgeous image of the princess in black dress and a seductive and tantalizing smile will make your day, and you will want to become a slave of such a wonderful and cute looking slut. There are 10 thumbnails spread over two tour pages. Each video is placed on a dark grey box, with a red coloured strip on the top. The strip features the title of the video, a yellow ochre coloured link button and some currency notes with a tiara. A thumbnail to the left and a description to the right can be seen. ThaiMoneyPrincess comes at a very reasonable subscription fee, allowing you to subscribe either on the basis of a monthly plan or a quarterly plan. The quarterly plan is the best and you will get a discount over the monthly plan.

Chicks & Vids

We have already pointed out how cute the princess is and how she can dominate slave boys and dogs with panache. Let us check out her body, for that’s the reason why guys would want to become her slave. She is a nubile, an amateur but has an attitude of a true dominatrix. She knows that guys will fall for her cute smile, and easy going demeanour but what they don’t understand is how domineering she is.

The slut makes guys fall on their knees, and beg her to take them as her slave, and get ready to do whatever she demands. That’s when she shows off her true colours, and makes them her pet slaves. Admonishing and disciplining her slave boys is like a walk over for her. Her awesome body is truly a work of art, and when she strips, there is no other sight better than this. A princess, no, a goddess that she is, anyone will want to fuck the hell out of her. Her perfectly shaped breasts, the dark areolas, and pointed nipples look stupendous. Her smooth and tanned skin makes her sexier than she is. The pink cunt quivers for a hard cock while her ass is a million-dollar ass that is not satisfied until she’s fed with millions of dollars. No wonder, guys want to have a glimpse of her naked body and are ready to be her slave.

Check out this video on the princess’ fetish for shoes and feet worshipping. With the money her slaves donated her, she bought 9 pairs of high heeled sandals. Now she expects the slaves to fall at her feet and respect her, and worship her feet. She wants her slave boys to kiss her feet, shiny shoes and make her go wild and wet in her pussy. She also loves to stamp her authority on her slaves’ cock, by using her feet and shoes to stamp the cocks to the floor, or give a nice wanking to the hot rod and watch it prance around.

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Bottom Line

If you are getting intrigued by this amazing princess, it is time for you to subscribe, and time for us to conclude. It must be said that ThaiMoneyPrincess is truly unique, and provides an exceptional treatment to the world of BDSM porn. Live cam sessions, an opportunity to call her on her mobile and affordable make you a proud slave of the ThaiMoneyPrincess.


  • 1 month $30.00
  • 3 months $80.00

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