TheUpperFloor Review

Website Overview

TheUpperFloor is an exceptional take on live BDSM scene. Shot in San Francisco’s Armory Great House, aficionados of genuine BDSM and imaginative slave tutoring realism porn are in for a vile treat. The live streaming shoots real, actual experienced hotties and males getting controlled, castigated, and trained to be submissive to every sexual advance. Allow me to get into the rest of the detailed review.

Site’s Qualities

I just love the basic design employed on TheUpperFloor. It is very rare to see such an amazing design on a porn site. The platform trails the usual Kinky Network layout with emphasis on cleanness and flamboyant colors. With a black and red theme attached to the platform you could perhaps guess the material, which is entailed on the portal without knowing the platform title or seeing the material. If you miss the live acts, the whole content can be saved or streamed in the members’ zone. Also, remember to check out the user forums when you join The Upper Floor as well. Kink is infamous for its huge user community and amicable user interaction platform. It is a good thing to find that the site is fine-tuned to work well with portable devices. If you love travelling you can browse your favorite grime right from your smartphone. Fucking awesome, huh?

Chicks & Vids

After joining TheUpperFloor one will be offered the range of what they desire to do when they are there. Flicks comprise previews so that members can view material before signing up. Scenes are stylish in both setting and storyline. It is exceedingly well produced, and there is greater profundity to the films than what you are used to seeing on an adult platform. Slavery themes are regular all through. Sometimes, it appears a tad too thrilling for my preference, but this is the type of platform. You can savor the scenes, which are already recorded in both tapes and images. You can have a look at the live webcams where the pretty mistresses are sitting right in front of you live and will speak to you and intermingle with you and they even take special bids. These chicks are here to entertain you in any manner you can picture and since you are their slave, you should do what they want from you! There are also live BDSM performances, which are accessible for you to watch live and are programmed beforehand so you do not miss them. The images on this platform are high resolution and are going to reveal the astounding show happening in the upper floor of the fortress. They are a mishmash of screen caps and standard pictures so some are worthier than others. Generally they are exceptional snaps and will allow you relish the scenes in every single detail. The tapes on TheUpperFloor are all captured in high definition and are accessible in numerous diverse formats. You can either save them or stream them over the web whichever is better for you. The flicks are professionally shot and you will not be disheartened in the action in these tapes. As at now, there are more than exclusive scenes, several of them in HD. The live actions happen at best each week, up to three shows weekly.

Great adult website to get some amazing fetish videos

Bottom Line

TheUpperFloor proceeds past only generating material for users. It breathes life into the real vision and participation of the lifestyle nearest to the core of Kinky Network founder Peter Acworth. As time pass by, you will notice that the hierarchy of the Slaves, Mistresses, and House Masters develop and transform, nonetheless the most stimulating part is that you follow along all this long. And Oh! You also participate in how the tale turns out.


  • 1 month $39.99
  • 3 months $69.99
  • 6 months $117.99
  • 1 year $169.99

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