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Website Overview

There’s nothing wrong if you are obsessed of Asian Japanese beauties. The same as I do, I love those unique eye shapes, smooth white skin, slender body and their culture as well. With Tokyobang porn site, there is nothing like getting dirty and raw fucking with these sexy slutty Japs. The girls are fresh as ever from the city of Tokyo, the historical place of Kyoto, and Nagoya. They will show to the whole world these horny japs are made for. The girls will spread and share their sensuality in a way that will make you face blush, increase the amount of your libido and your dick fully erected. Watching these bitches and hearing them as they squeal and hearing their voices made me so horny. I would love to fuck horny Japanese right now, but I guess I have to finish the job first.

Site’s Qualities

Japanese girls are known how to get down to business in their own oriental style of seduction. Seeing them wearing their kimonos, cute smile and lovely faces upsurge my emotions. Even though the fact, that the kimono covers everything from their neck to foot, as for me, it is already a form of seduction. Not to mention when seeing them wearing their girly uniforms. Seeing those smooth legs that grace my dick stood still, made me slobber. Tokyobang brings you 100% of heat including hardcore scenes, toys, unshaved yet delicious pussies, hard nipples and their sexy armpits I want to sniff all day. There are wide varieties of Japanese actions to choose from such as blowjobs, boob jobs, fuck from behind, drilling those pussies, and facial cum. The site promises that you are going to see the non-stop action of an angel looking Japanese girls that will be fucked in every way. Videos are presented in thumbnails on their homepage that is approximately 700 scenes and counting. The duration of each scene will differ depending on the content. But, mostly videos can last for about 20 up to 25 minutes. The site promises that you are getting what you’ve paid for in a form of Videos in Full HD and high-resolution photos. Before entering the actual site, I’ve take a deep breath since this is the part of my job that I love the most. The site is well and prepared to bring hardcore porn with the finest Japanese girls I ever seen. It is indeed a Japanese horny paradise that made me want to stay longer. The site is one of the 20 plus sites within the network and accessing them is just at your own fingertips. The members will get complete access to all the database of the network. There are large collections of Japanese sluts from videos and images with daily updates. It brings you non-stop excitement from these japs chicks with multiple download options such as WMV, MP4, DRM, and Flash.

Chicks & Vids

I noticed that most of the girls are shy, probably it’s their culture to be shy when it comes to making love. Prior to their self-expression, it looks like they are doing the fuck scene for the very first time. Most of these Japanese hotties are cuties with blushing cheeks. The site is giving several kinds of niches from the network and at the site itself. You can see softcore to hardcore actions such as masturbating, dildos, girl to girl scene, threesome, and groupies. Name a fuck scene they have it. We are talking about slender bodies and pretty smooth skin from the oriental country. It is nice to see these Japanese chicks with tons of fuck scenes and images offered. They are from Asia, so I’m expecting that they have mid-sized breasts. But, even though they do, they still drive me crazy because of their lovely faces, slender bodies, hard pink nipples. Not to mention that their beavers are not shaved. I bet that those bushes smell so good. They will show to the world tons of toys that will work with their beavers and at the same time being fucked by Japanese dudes. Lots of Japanese guys are included in the set as they wait for their bitch to suck and mild those erected dicks. The site brings gangbang footages and lots of fuck scenes in different styles. I like to mention a Japanese cutie named Sakurako. She’s a Japanese doll that will be mishandled by guys that are older than her. I like to see this scene over and over again as the old dude will lick her beaver and I can guarantee that she enjoys it because of her facial expression. The other dude squeezes her mid-sized boobs and I envy these dudes. She truly enjoys getting her tits and ass licked. I can almost smell her ass’ hole from here thanks to the quality in full HD. Another cutie that I like to watch being banged by two dudes is Erika Kurisu. Erika looks lovely with her red lingerie. The scene gets hotter and hotter when two guys appeared on the set and get her clothes off. The coolest part in this particular video is that she is going to be tied when the dudes will fuck her up. The guys will mishandle her beaver and tie her arms. The first guy will insert a dildo while her vagina is wet. Eventually, she will lick the other guy’s dick while she is being tied. I like seeing her face sucking the dude’s dick. It is nasty and it turns my dick on very hard indeed.

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Bottom Line

To sum up this review, I can say that the site is nice in the realm of Japanese bitches all over the place. There are lots of hot scenes to be watched for your evening pleasure. So, for all of you guys who wants to see Japanese sweetheart being banged by guys, cock stimulating scenes from masturbating, dildo penetrating, fetish and a lot more, the Tokyobang will never fail your porn pleasure at night or even during your porn breakfast hour.


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