TrishaFriends Review

Website Overview

Trishasfriends is a soft porn site that is associated with the friends of the famous UK amateur model; Auntie Trisha. It feels great to see these ladies independent and in control of the action. These girls share photos and other naughty content with their friends and admirers too. The photos are some of the most sexually exciting images I have ever seen from such attractive women.

Site’s Qualities

The site allows users to stream the videos using the Flash Player embedded. Users can also access the content with their mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. The content loads fast enough to watch everything in real time. I love their organizational skills. Once you click on a link, you are led straight to exactly what they made you expect. If you have been using online services you know how annoying it is when a site promises you specific items upon clicking but decides to move you in circles. The result, in my case in normal circumstances is to navigate as far away from that site for the longest duration possible. I loved the fact that I could adjust the size of the pics and videos directly on the site. Many of Trisha’s friends look a lot like Trisha in their physical appearance. They exude unique personalities though. The pics and videos presented on the site are great quality content that can only be the work of professional photographers. Although there is no live cam show, you are treated to a wide range of entertainment stunts. One perfect replacement for live cam for me is the live porn chat. In this case, you are privileged to have a warm chat with the pretty milfs as you watch them touch, pose and squeeze their sensual organs in seductive fashion. There is a great attempt at providing some personality identity for the models featured. This is also one of the ways the content is categorized. Therefore, you are allowed to click on a thumbnail and head straight for a discourse and experience virtual intercourse with your favorite model.

Chicks & Vids

Trishasfriends is some form of complement, and an extension of the possibilities that come with individual focused porn sites. This site is filled with scenes and action of the models that often grace the action of the star model’s content on her other more personalized sites. There are many video scenes and galleries to savor on this site. You are exposed to over 209 videos scenes that are split into one minute playback sessions each. The files are accessible in MP4 and Flash Player formats. I was sensually drawn to Amanda. The mature model has this unarming smile that got my mind rolling in erotic confusion. Amanda is portrayed at first in some sexy hot lingerie as she lies on a couch reclining in relaxation. She has her equally sexy black heels peering into the foreground as if to say that the real beauty lies with them. Amanda has the courage and seductive style that can get anyone down in the fastest time. She has some nice puffy boobs that seem to attract viewers to a sucking episode. Once I was through with Amanda’s antics, I found myself caught in another sensual stalemate with Pandora. Like her name, Pandora decides to waste no time with her titillation. She lets the cat out of the box. She strips off all her clothes and lingerie and stares yearningly at the camera. I was left to figure out what can possibly happen if I had a chance to be on the scene. I must mention that lingerie, heels and other accessories are just as important on this site as the girls. I got a lot of ideas, from this platform, on designer lingerie.

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Bottom Line

Trishasfriends is an independent site that provides unique adult entertainment that features girls in their later prime. The models sport a marked taste for class and style. There are several scenes in which the girls get down at each other in erotic encounters. If you love Auntie Trisha, you will definitely love trishasfriends too.


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  • 3 months $73.73

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