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Website Overview

It order to make something appeal to the audience, the product or service given to them must be unique and exclusive. It is only then that people will show interest in it and even cater to it. The main concept is beautiful girls being picked up from various Thailand locations in a Tuk Tuk, more commonly known as an auto and taken back to their hotels or rooms for intercourse. These girls are offered money in exchange for sex and most of the seducing is done inside the vehicle. The vehicle roams around different parts of Thailand and whenever it sees a hot Thai girl, it moves in close to her and the guys inside the vehicle approach her, convey what they are trying to do and make a pact with her. In some of the videos, you will get to know how the action unfolds and how these guys approach their girls and make them agree to rub bodies with them. The videos will also show how these guys seduce these girls inside the vehicle. The real action starts when they reach their destination and enter into the rooms. The girls will be seen removing theirs as well as their partners’ clothes and lunging on to them like sex beasts. The action starts with some intense smooching and tongue tasting, then moves on to the cock sucking and eventually reaches the point when these girls crave for penetration. These beautiful girls will be seen taking active part in the sex scenes, moving up and down and back and forth upon a huge cock. Some of them will also be seen taking two bones at the same time. One thing to note here is that these girls are not porn stars, they are real women picked up from night clubs, pubs or from prostitution regions. All the action takes place in Thailand. You may have come across numerous websites dealing with unique porn concepts, but to go around Thailand in an auto and picking up hot girls for sex goes way beyond what you have ever encountered. Plus another thing which makes this website look apart from the others in the online realm is the reality of the contents. There is no planning done and it happens instantaneously. The action unfolds as things move on. The website comprises of host of different videos for your enjoyment. There is a good mix of duets, twosomes and also group sex for your eyes and dicks. The sex is great and will give you ample opportunity to rub your dicks. However there are certain flaws which also need to be highlighted. Like for starters the website does not get frequent updates and there is no fixed time when the next additions are going to be made. The video quality could have been better and the website does not allow you to download the videos. However considering the entire action is conducted instantaneously without any planning and rehearsals, the website does provide some great contents and that is why so many people despite its flaws have appreciated it. Plus their membership costs are cost-effective.

Site’s Qualities

The website comprises of a good design and as you visit the website you will find that it is loaded with several materials. When I visited the website, I found its home page to be a bit crowded, but with the menus and categories displayed properly, accessing the website proved to be a breeze. So even if you are not so smooth in working with the internet, you will have no such difficulty in exploring this porn portal. The website also comprises of a good user-interface and with the smart suggestions which the website renders, you can easily locate your desirable contents. There is also the model index which you can employ for finding out any model which catches your eyes. Coming to the membership option, you can set it up by clicking on the member option which will take you directly to the sign up page. There you will find some empty spaces which need to be filled with your personal information. As you are finished entering your information, just submit the request. Immediately the website will send you a notification and as you receive that, your account tenure will begin. In that very page you will also find the subscription packages. Simply pick the one which proves to be convenient for your wallet and apply for your account.

Chicks & Videos

When we talk about the girls, they are beautiful, have natural bodies and know how to provide their sex partners pleasure equivalent to seventh heaven. These girls are not professional porn actors but real women who are picked up from different locations in Thailand and given some money in exchange for sex. These girls are quite the performers and with their scintillating bodies and naughty reactions; they really turn on the heat. You will find girls of different age groups and also with different skin color and peculiarity measurements. Thailand girls are anyway quite beautiful and when these girls come in front of the cameras, shred down their attires and engage in sex with their partners, the action is mind-blowing. The videos quality is good with the latest ones in 1280×720 picture quality. The older ones however are lower in quality but still makes way for good viewing. However in some videos you will find the cameras tilting or shaking but this is mainly because the action takes place instantaneously without any planning. Still they make way for great viewing as the actions within them are erotic and hot. You will find all kinds of videos- twosome, threesome, group sex and also some soft-core action. One concern about the website is that the videos cannot be downloaded. They can only be viewed online using a flash video player. The photos are also crisp and lively, just like the videos. But they cannot be downloaded altogether in one zip file. If you want to download them, you would have to do it one by one.

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Bottom Line

The Tuk Tuk Patrol definitely is unique as compared to some of the other websites functioning in the realm. You have to applaud the website designers for keeping the action realistic. The girls in the videos are really pretty and the way they engage with their male sex partners is simply amazing. The website also offers cost-effective subscriptions. So as a final say, the website overall is quite good and with its contents will definitely bring a smile on your faces.


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