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Website Overview

Don’t you just love it when you stumble upon a really good porn site? And by that, I don’t mean something that is just okay, or somewhat good. What I mean is that it is really a porn site that you think you will actually enjoy a lot. Well, today, I have found one really awesome porn site – one that I am really excited to share with you guys through this short review. It is a porn site that is perfect for those who really love amateur porn. In fact, if you are really a huge fan of this kind of porn, then you might actually know this porn site already. A couple of guys here in the office have actually heard of this porn site before.

The name of the porn site is VelvetEcstasy and it is already a legend in the porn industry, providing the world of porn of high-quality amateur videos since 1999. If it’s still online in a world where porn sites come and go, then it must be a legendary site, don’t you think? And it really is. How do you define amateur porn? Well, for me, it is when a video is not directed or scripted, or when the people who are participating in the video are not paid, actors. These are the videos created by people who just enjoy sex a lot, so much so that they want to share it with the world. And this is one of the reasons why I like amateur porn so much.

This kind of porn is more real because it IS real. You are not going to find fake orgasms here, and most of all, when you see that the people in the video are enjoying it, they are not just acting it out, they really ARE enjoying the scene. This makes the video all the more enjoyable to watch, and they never fail to make me horny every single time.

Now, aside from that, amateur is also a term used for newbie porn models. Those that are still short a couple of videos to be dubbed as “porn stars”. Most of these guys are still in the process of exploring what they really like and they don’t really know how to act that well yet. Hence, they make it all the more believable, because when they look like they are enjoying the scene, then it means that they really do because they can’t act it out just yet. Get it? Anyway, what makes VelvetEcstasy one of the best porn sites out there is the fact that they effectively explore these two types of amateur porn. First, they have amateur models that you have not probably seen anywhere else yet. And second, they feature real-life couples! The sex scenes here are not only kinky and dirty but what we are going to see are actual couples making love. The passion and the emotions are real. This makes every video unique and the experience all the more unforgettable.

Site’s Qualities

The website design of the homepage is really simple. You can feel that the site has already existed for so long because the overall design of the porn site feels vintage. You are not going to see a lot of those flashy posters and graphic animations here that you would normally see on other newer porn sites. However, despite this old format, the porn site is surprisingly a lot easier to navigate compared to the other porn sites that we have seen. VelvetEcstasy is more user-friendly.

Another thing that I also liked about the page is that it tells the story of the site. There is no need for you to access a separate “about” page anymore, because everything that you will ever want to learn about the porn site is already there: these are what the porn site is all about, the different perks that you will get to enjoy after joining the porn site, and other details that would help any new visitor or new member more comfortable in navigating through the world of VelvetEcstasy. Also, you will find the different links that are important to visit distributed across the page. For instance, the different pages of the porn site such as the membership page and the contact page are on the menu in the header of the site, while the link to the “Reviews” page is in the description itself, so while you’re reading it, there would be no need for you to scroll up anymore just to click on the link because it is already embedded along with the text.

Chicks & Vids

Like what we have already mentioned, what makes this porn site so unique is the fact that their porn models are a combination of real couples and amateur porn stars (and even, sometimes, both). One of the worries that people have when it comes to amateur porn videos is that the scenes are just taken using some low-tech camera – but you will not experience that in VelvetEcstasy.

The videos are all going to be high-quality and the only factor that will be amateur in all of their videos are the models themselves, because again, they are not going to be actors. They are real people who just want to be filmed while having sex. Why? Because they just enjoy doing so, and it’s not because they just want to get paid to do it.

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Bottom Line

Finally, let me just share that aside from the amateur sex scenes, this porn site also boasts of its point of view of POV videos that you will also enjoy checking out. Also, it is important to note that VelvetEcstasy is in partnership with other porn sites as well. Hence, by simply signing up for VelvetEcstasy, you will also get to enjoy full access (or unlimited streaming and downloading privileges) on other equally awesome premium porn sites without having to pay for anything extra, other than the membership for VelvetEcstasy itself. Which is why we highly encourage for you to explore these other porn sites as well after successfully finishing the registration.


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