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Website Overview

Vipissy is an exclusive site that brings you the best of pissing fetish a combination of lesbian sensual action and other conventional encounters in unique and captivating style. It is one of those premium treatments you get in sex entertainment. You won’t want to seat too close to the models unless you want to get a little wet in the arena.

Site’s Qualities

The layout is clean. The site loads faster than your average online platform as it displays content in HD form. You are provided with a clear drop-down menu the moment you arrive on the first page of this site. This makes it easy to catch a glimpse of what the site offers within the first few minutes of your landing. There are no live cam shows or bonus sites but you get a generous automatic discount once you subscribe to any of their plans. Navigation is easy because you are given the option to click on categories and head straight to what you want. You also have a chance to choose your favorite scenes from the captions of nude models in action on the cover page. Although there is no search tool, I don’t think it would have made much difference. Streaming of videos and viewing of pictures is provided, thanks to the on-site player and photo viewer app provided. Both of these files can be downloaded in a single zip file. There is no restriction as to the number of downloads you make once you register for membership.

Chicks & Videos

When I first sexed up my girlfriend to the point of spurting, it was the first time I ever experienced the phenomenon. In fact, I thought it was a little spooky. Although I had read about it in magazines, I never though I would be a witness so soon. She simply peed on me. The urine jet was warm; almost hot but quite a splash as it hit against the base of my cock while she recoiled in sensual pleasure and spasmic movements that told me she had no clue what she had done. This is what drove my passion for pissing for sensual pleasure. So, I explored on the net. I have no clue why the girls pee so much but I was certainly entertained to the extent that I think I became a little crazy and asked my wife to pee on my dick in bed soon after I watched the scenes on this site. You are treated to variety here. There are girls enjoying their pissing stunts alone in the bathroom and outdoor. There are others engaging in threesome sensual orgies that make you sweat within the first few minutes, while there are scenes in which the girls do it more conventionally with a few twists such as spurting on their mate’s faces or sucking at each others’ pussies with a straw. Overall, the girls are very appealing and sexually attractive. They are living sex dynamites when they switch gear. They eat cum and suck dicks with their mouths and vaginas with such ease and naughty stares right at you. I love the way Victoria, one of the outstanding models on the site, does her thing. I particularly love her calm demeanor that seems to lull her sexual partners into thinking that she is a listless type. Wait until her engine raves and she begins to rock and twist her man with so much vigor that he cries loudly you would think he is taking a beating. The man is taken to the heights of pleasure by this expert pornstar. You wonder whether the he had been a virgin before the encounter with sexy hot Victoria. Victoria caught my eye because she does not overtly show what she is made of in bed until she is ticked at the right time. She evolves into a tigress that even the strongest of dudes would find hard to tame. I was overwhelmed with excitement as I watched numerous scenes of girls humping and pissing all over each others pussies and faces. The piss drips in fresh looking golden sparkle that makes you want to touch and taste. There are 109 videos scenes and over 108 galleries to view on this site. Each of the video scenes plays for 35 minutes while the galleries contain 135 pics in each. The files are made in MP4 and WMV formats.

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Bottom Line

Vipissy is your unique destination that features pretty and fresh girls preoccupied with pissing stunts but do not hesitate to give you pleasure in the way you prefer. They present their content in HD. There is a great discount once you become a member. It’s a great site for unique porn experience.


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  • 3 months $49.90
  • 6 months $98.50

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