WatchReal Review

Website Overview

The WatchReal grants you access to a collection of hardcore porn videos, coming from several sources, covering dozens of hardcore niches, including some of the kinkier ones too. During the course of data collection for this review of the WatchReal, we found out lots of good things, and a few bad ones too… but it’s always relative which is bad and which is good. Those who prefer professional porn, but aren’t fans of joining big network of expensive studio sites will find this membership quite nice. There are all kinds of porn videos included, and while you are here, you get access to some extras too. The WatchReal itself launched in 2010, and it seems to be updated nowadays on a quite frequent basis, though the updates are mostly coming from the network sites.

This portal’s collection is as high as 3,100 so it’s really a large selection to pick from. The videos are in good shape, though the archive-like nature of the site closes out the option to offer any exclusive content. You can rest assured that the videos are coming from a great workshop. Let us tell you why: the company behind the site, the LFP Internet Group LLC is the same one that runs the Hustler’s main network and the sub-networks. In fact, the WatchReal is a part of a sub-network of different sites, which distribute some hot Hustler-content. When you join the WatchReal, you get access to a dozen of other sites. For example, you can enjoy the videos of the CumFiesta, which is a Latina-focused portal and it’s also part of the BarelyLegal network – though you won’t get access to that network through the WatchReal. The fact that the site offers the Hustler’s and its partners’ content is a big plus, and makes a man wonder what other hot stuff awaits inside. Well, apart from the bonus sites, you get access to live cam shows, and you gain a basic membership to a dating site.

Site’s Qualities

The tour page of the WatchReal looks good, but unfortunately, it’s not a rich tour. You can only rest your eyes on the nice thumbnails listed all over the page. On the right side of the page, you can also find the list of the bonus sites. You may visit them, since they have a different tour, and if you are lucky, you might get the chance to enjoy some previews. When you enter the site, you will see that it’s really a basic built it uses. There will be a menu where you can find the usual options: links to the videos and the bonuses. You can always change the site which videos’ you are listing. The WatchReal offers the videos in a streaming format, and there are no download options featured, so you have to watch everything in your browser. Because of this, you should make sure that your machine and connection are working fine, and the browser and the Flash is up-to-date. Some scenes are in SilverLight format, so you may check that extension too.

Chicks & Vids

We usually don’t really like sites that don’t offer what they claim to have. The WatchReal however is one of the few exceptions, because it claims to offer ‘real fucking amateurs’, but in fact, the majority of the content is studio-made. What make the WatchReal exciting are the large collection and the really varied girls’ database it features. You can find here girls from the US and as far as we could tell, some European cuties also made their way to the site. These are mostly semi-professional girls, so you still get that amateurish feeling, while you know that the girls are not actually the chicks from next door. There are many Asians, Latinas and Blacks, so the ethnic variety is not an issue, and while these hot cunts are fucking around, you can see that they know how to please a man. Also, there are some hard-core professionals too, with fake breasts, fake lips, and sometimes with enhanced buttocks. There is an exceptional variety of models here, and this is one of the appealing attributes of the WatchReal.

It’s true that the content is not exclusive, but with so many different hotties at hand it won’t be an issue, and you will see that there are very good pieces here. Just explore the models’ list; it’s quite sure you will find someone you like. Since the WatchReal doesn’t produces its own content it’s expected that you get here videos from different studios. This is not a problem however, since it’s makes sure that you can enjoy watching scenes of varied styles, featuring different niches, and focusing on different elements. In order to satisfy the members’ the site has a video collection that covers almost every popular niches. You can find here mostly hardcore stuff, it’s true, but there are also several lesbian videos too, some featuring ‘only’ softcore action. We can’t exactly highlight a video to tell you about it, because there is such a great variety, that you are going to have some really good time with watching these cuties in action. Just to mention a few examples: there are videos with really hot interracial sex, and they are not just about Black guys banging White chicks; you can also find here group sex scenes, ranging from threesomes to actual group scenes. There are some exciting kinky videos too, check them out if you like that kind of sex.

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Bottom Line

The WatchReal is a really hot porn site. In fact, we enjoyed browsing it, even if the navigation was a bit too strange for our taste. Nevertheless, the collection here is great, and if you enjoy watching hardcore sex, but don’t want to use up your storage space, it’s a really good choice. Since the videos are professionally made, they are quite satisfying and have everything you might expect from studio-porn. Hot ethnic models, MILFs and new crispy girls also appear in these videos. To cut it short, our opinion is that the site is really worth a try.


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