WifeysWorld Review

Website Overview

WifeysWorld is by far one of the sexiest sites which features your local housewives doing what they do best, to provide non-stop sexual gratification to their hubby’s and viewers alike. WifeysWorld will give you mind-blowing sex videos that will make you change the way you look at your average housewife as you see them sexually perform in an insanely lustful way.

Site’s Qualities

Let’s first talk about the appearance as well as the features of this website which makes it unique as compared to the others out there. When you first enter the WifeysWorld, you get welcomed by a comic character of a very sexy and alluring woman that you would love to fuck together with a description of what to expect when you enter the main page. Upon reading a brief description of the site, you will surely feel dampness inside your pants as temperature rises in your body because of pure lust.

When you click on the “Enter Free Tour” button, you will then be redirected to the main home page. This is where you get welcomed by featured porn videos which star the sexiest and seductive amateurs. You get instant access to HD videos and you have the advantage of downloading them without any limit as long as you are a member. The best thing about WifeysWorld is that you are immediately presented by popular videos. You don’t need to browse through the file to find the hottest videos, instead it is readily available for you to view at the main home page. All you have to do is click on a specific video you want to watch and you’ll be directed to it instantly.

The popular videos also provide you the date when it was uploaded on the site as well as their individual ratings. This gives you the option to choose which ones would be most appealing to you. Accompanied by photos that will give you a sneak peek on what kind of amateur porn video is in-store for you, you can easily decide the best one that will suite your carnal cravings. There is also a “Recent Updates” part of the home page where amateur wifeys are able to post blogs, short stories, and even photos that will make you sweat with lust. Read their own unadulterated stories about their action-filled nights with their hubbys and a blow by blow description of their sexual action.

With the way these mature ladies describe their sexual action with their partners, you get the feeling as if you were physically with them watching as they give hardcore sexual pleasure to each other. There is also a store available for members, should you wish to buy your very own wifey those skimpy outfits that would make you long for her and fuck her hard. There are also amateur nude photos and full length videos that you can purchase. You don’t have to worry because the items you buy are shipped to your home discreetly.

Chicks & Vids

Now let’s focus on the star of the website, our very own Wifey! The amateur wives features on the videos are so darn hot, you’d probably cum with just one look at their big boobs and big brown tits. You would often see these wifeys groan in pleasure as their tits are being licked and sucked non-stop. They would moan loudly as they get fucked from behind really hard. The cast featured on all videos are amateurs which makes the sexual viewing experience very realistic.

The sex is plain raw and is definitely not scripted at all. Watch these wives getting banged over and over again by their own hubbys and even their neighbors. The wives featured are your normal housewives – innocent and plain. This is probably the exact reason why most people would love WifeysWorld, because you get surprised at how horny real housewives can get. They get teased and fucked by their contractors, drivers, and even gardeners.

Watch them get wild at the sight of a big cock. These wives get excited as they suck on every size of dick that gets near their lusty mouths. Watch them being covered by cum of all the men that fucked them. WifeysWorld indeed boasts on high quality mums that you would love to fuck. These ladies will definitely grab your full attention as you get charmed by their full curvy bodies paired with big boobs and wet pussy. See these ladies being fucked in every way possible by all types of men. See them shiver as they get fisted in their butts and their wet pussies. These mums will definitely make you feel hot and sexy as they look at you in the eye while having their way on their own pussy.

Another great thing about this site is you can be featured in videos if you want to. You can simply email WifeysWorld and they will definitely get in touch with you, should you have amateur videos that you wanted to be uploaded on the site. You can even cross out that bucket list should you wish to fulfill that lifelong dream of becoming the next wifey or even, hubby in WifeysWorld videos.

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Bottom Line

WifeysWorld is definitely a great site for people looking for mature ladies in amateur porn videos. If you love big boobs and big tits, WifeysWorld is definitely the one for you. With its extensive collection of amateur porn videos, you will surely have the best action-packed night. From plain regular sex videos to intense hardcore ones, you will definitely have infinite choices that will make your cold nights sizzle with lust.


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