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Website Overview

In today’s virtual porn world, there are not many adult sites that are hardcore, tactile and have a sensual side. Therefore, when we get introduced to a site like X-Sensual which possesses all of these qualities, it is hard to ignore the sexiness that it brings to the table. The passion and intensity that comes with each and every X-Sensual scene is enough to keep you hooked on your screen for hours. You will never be disappointed with all of the great moments that are in store here because X-Sensual is meant for true porn lovers.

In comparison to many other porn sites, X-Sensual focuses more on foreplay and scenes that will build up your sexual tension in the most incredible way. The scenes also showcase exotic massages and orgasms that will make you keep begging for more. As a site that was launched in February 2015, you would think that X-Sensual is only getting its feet wet but so far it has been able to conquer the sexual scene in mesmerizing ways; much more than other long existing sites that have already made their mark in the adult world.

All of the 125 videos and galleries on X-Sensual are dominated by fresh faces who are excited to indulge you in all of your deepest sexual fantasies. Brought to you by the DirtyFlixNetwork, you already know that you will not be subjected to any less than the very best. This is one of the few sites that live up to its promise of consistent delivery of great adult action. The slow and sultry approach that the site takes to sexual satisfaction beats anything that you have ever seen before.

Needless to say, the intimate sex scenes will get you wet and will leave your clitoris throbbing in need for fulfillment. Whether you want to see one on one sexual encounters, facial orgies, blowjobs and all manner of entertaining sexual action, then you will see it all here. Sex does not get much hotter than X-Sensual. Although the action is not 100% exclusive, you will surely enjoy each and every scene that you see here. All of the videos are presented in full HD, therefore, you do not have to worry about clarity. Membership also comes with bonus access to eight network sites, this only means that more fulfillment is in store for you.

Design & Features

X-Sensual is characterized by scenes that are shot with the combination of passion and utmost clarity. The entire atmosphere is romantic and they will motivate you to jump through the screen. When it comes to clarity, you will not receive anything less than 720pHD and 1080pHD viewing, therefore, you will not miss any important moments of the action. The imagery is not an exception because the pictures are of top-notch resolution.

You will not be disappointed as far as quality is concerned. Downloads are in a variety of MP4, WMV, FLV and 3GP video formats. This flexibility may just be the best part of accessing the content on X-Sensual. The photo galleries can also be viewed online and downloaded as zip sets. There are no restrictions or limitations in downloading any of the content that is available on X-Sensual. The site has all of its navigational tools on point and as such, you will be able to freely maneuver through the platform.

The search function is truly efficient and as such, you will get to enjoy the available videos and photos in record time. The user interface also holds a link that will enable all members to make the most of the bonus sites. There is no hassle that comes with accessing the extra content and this alone proves that there will be a lot of diversity waiting for you in these pages. If you feel like getting interactive, then you can freely post comments on the platform. The site also has a reliable update schedule that delivers new flicks on a weekly basis.

Girls & Videos

When we go to bed at night, the one thing that we usually fantasize about are the beautiful pornstars on X-Sensual. All of them are highly gorgeous, established and the kind of women that we all would give anything to spend time with. They are full of seduction, pleasure, fulfillment and everything in between. Apart from all of the famous faces that you will see in the scenes, there are also a number of brand new starlets that are ready to shock you by their skills under the sheets.

If you have not had great excitement in a while, then prepare to be well-entertained. Whether you are enjoying the hotties on the scenes or the galleries, the pornstars and models will always find a way to bring you the best of hardcore erotica. This is how you know that all of the time you spend here is truly worthwhile. Direct from Russia and Eastern Europe, you will not be able to surpass the kind of libido that these models bring to the table. Whether they are indulging in threesomes, group sexy scenes or solo sexual acts, they will always pull on those sexy strings. Your throbbing cock will only be able to find relief through masturbation. The gorgeous beauties know how to get you in the mood for some hot, erotic action. Their flirtation and sexy amorous build ups are more than enough to cast an unbreakable spell on you. The sight of hard cocks sliding into those warm and tight holes is all that you need to orgasm.

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Just as the site’s name suggests, X-sensual is the perfect portal to rediscover your passion. The porn stars are ready to take you to cloud nine on a one-way ticket. There is nothing that they love more than seeing you fulfilled. Apart from that, the glam core content is right on the money. There is not a single problem with quality and quantity. The fact that the site does not also have a download limit means that you are free to make the most of it, whenever or wherever!


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  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 1 year $119.95

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